Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kill Abu-Tarika

The world seems to be shocked after what Abu Tarika did in that football match in Ghana , no it is not because his goals in the game but it was the moment he took off his shirt to show "The Sympathy with Gaza" T-Shirt and after that the world changed . The FIFA warned him and he received a yellow card , well he knew that he would get a yellow card but he did it , he seized this 2 seconds to send a very important message.


The message was received , some people in the world did not like , those people are mainly the Israelis ,other people in the world did not focus on these 2 seconds but the 2 seconds , Abu Tarika was the magician pharaoh in this game.

I will not speak about the reaction of the Egyptian people because they are already madly in love with him and they just found another reason to fall more deeply in love with him .

Abu Tarika became a national Arab Hero , he was introduced more to the Arabic audience, some Club in Gaza honoured him  by the way .

Now back in Egypt as I said most People respected Abu Tarika more and loved him more , but others , a minority did not like what he did ,some said in a shy way "Yes we understand why he did it , but he should not ,Sports should be away from politics" and others did not like the move because they just do not like the Gazans anymore.

It is just became another open season to attack the MB and Hamas despite the fact that Abu Tarika is not from MB or Hamas and what was mentioned "Sympathize With Gaza" not "With Hamas or with MB" For God Sake he just said "Sympathize with Gaza" , we are all Sympathize with Gaza and what happened in it , and we should be , they were under a siege ,under a  blockade ,trapped can't go out or in  . We should be Sympathize because what was happening in Gaza was against humanity.

Still some will say , the Gazans are rich , what about the Egyptians who are suffering , what about other Arabs who are suffering in Iraq or in Darfur ...etc

I am sorry do you want him as a political leader or as a player ?? Does he not have  the right to express his opinion regarding anything in the world in the way he wanted ??

At least he is footballer that is interested in all what is going around him from events , he is not a silly footballers who know nothing except football and the entourage around him !!

Abu Tarika was not deceived by Gaza like it was not mentioned in Sick Daily Rosa .

It is not because I feel sympathy with Gaza but because I believe there are double standards here , because all those attacking Abu Tarika in Egypt are from the defenders of Freedom of Expression ,and I see according to freedom of expression Abu Tarika is entitle to express his Sympathy with Gaza.


  1. ACtually..Abu Trika shows us everyday that he is not just a great player on the field..but he is a great player off the field!
    If and only if we could all do the same thing he did!

  2. All respect to Abu Trika. I think he made a dignifying stand..

  3. @Maher , in deed he is a great player off the field

    @Mohammed Ghazi , he did a great dignifying stand and he succeeded in what the politicians fail in

  4. Big up to Abu Trika. As a Palestinian I would like to say in return that Iam Sympathising with Egypt :) Peace

  5. then....
    we just can say
    Greatttt Treka..


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