Saturday, March 1, 2008

And the Holocaust continues...

The Israelis promised the Gazans with a Holocaust and it is already there , there is no big difference between Poland in WWII and Gaza in 2008 !!

Warning shocking and explicit violent photos for dead babies and deadly bloody injuries for young men



  1. here is the answer to your editorial, from the highest authorities

    Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday rejected international criticism of the offensive. Israel has recently stepped up its activity in Gaza in response to heavy rocket fire launched from the strip, including several barrages that reached the major city of Ashkelon, some 11 miles north of Gaza.

    "If anyone is under the illusion that by increasing the range (of the rocket fire) they'll get us to scale back our operations, he is making a serious mistake," Olmert told his Cabinet. "With all due respect, nothing will prevent us from continuing operations to protect our citizens."

  2. Hello Zeinobia,

    I wonder if you will be willing to promote this call to stop the violence: It is a call for a month of quiet, issued jointly by residents of Gaza and Sderot. They hope that an immediate ceasefire for a month will stop the inevitable escalation of violence and the senseless killing of innocent people from both sides.


  3. @loudlaughter , protecting his citizens by mass killing other citizens , he does not care and give damn but what about the rest of the world

    @Israeli Blogger , I am ready to call for this month but on the condition that the blockade of Gaza is stoped ,food and supplies go to the sector and for once in their lives the IDF stop attacking the Palestinians and believe me Hamas will stop then

  4. @Zeinobia - The call for the one-month cease-fire is not political, and is not an Israeli initiative. It was initiated by residents of Gaza and of Sderot, because they are fed up with the situation. You're welcome to converse with two of the people behind this on their blog (the URL of the blog is on the Q&A page of


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