Sunday, March 2, 2008

The new fashion in Egypt

The New fashion in Egypt when you fall in love and want to propose to your girl is to announce publicly in the street !! Yes You go to an advertising company and ask them to rent for you a billboard or mini billboard in a busy street to send a message to your girl;Your message will be in English as it is the romantic language of the high classes not to mention the tourists must know that we are romantic people , of course the rest of the Egyptian public should not know what the hell you are saying to your girl , in fact they will not notice because they got other important issues to think about for example the high costs of living in this country !!

Today when I was going home I found this ad on the street , in Wadi From Fadl to DaliaNil St. in front of famous restaurant Bon Appetit ,just in front of NSGB , a marriage proposal from Fadl to Dalia whom he wants to share his life forever with her !!

I took the shot with my mobile phone , I did not have my Camera but I promise that I will take a better shot for it.

If you remember this is not the first time it happens in Egypt , last year we all stood amazed in front of the Hania billboards in two Governates , one in Giza , the other one in Cairo !!!


  1. I guess they got the idea from that stupid movie with 7ala shi7a and Hani Salama in it !

  2. "I guess they got the idea from that stupid movie with 7ala shi7a and Hani Salama in it !

    Took the words out of my mouth!

    I find it strange how characters in Egyptian films were portrayed in the past compared to now. In old films, we were used to seeing traditional baladi characters and many scenes that were shot at shaa3bi locations. The plot was in a way "believable" because at least different aspects of Egyptian society were being presented. Today, films seem more geared towards a western audience, when reality is the country is becoming more and more conservative, maybe more than its ever been in the past 100 years. Isn't cinema supposed to be a truthful reflection of society at large? Ya3ni it doesn't make sense that 80 percent of the female population are mo7agabat bas when I go to the cinema or turn on the TV, I see 99 percent of them 2al3een!!

  3. @lost within, yes from that stupid film , it is the fashion

    @loveyourblog, some script writers are living in another world , if you notice it is not only about veiled and unveiled but also economic situations , if you watch that film of Hany Salama you will find another country , another class , a minor rich class
    also look to the action films , do you have these gangs and mafias ??
    Of course there are some screen writers not all of them

  4. What would be the point ??

    Egyptian society is having a double personality those days .. name Schizophrenic Society ..


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