Sunday, March 2, 2008

One month

Israeli blogger was wonder if I can promote  a group of Palestinians and Israelis from Gaza and Sdoret who are calling for one month as truce ; from both sides Hamas and the Israeli government to cease their only for month in order to force them talk together "A huge percentage from the Israeli population welcomes direct negotiations with Hamas by the way".

This is an excellent idea but I am afraid the Israelis must present more than a cease of fire , they must release Gaza from its jail , I am saying to release the Palestinian prisoners but I am saying to end this stupid inhuman siege , this disgust blockade that brought nothing to the Palestinians except agony.



  1. the propaganda value of this offer is immense for Israelis. it will reinforce the misconception that somehow this is a vicious cycle of violence and that if hamas stops hurling useless qassams, israel will stop its attacks. hamas has embarked on many one-sided ceasefires only to have the israelis kills and kidnap Palestinians. the israeli blogger needs to convince his democratically elected government to stop the killings and hamas said it will stop, like it did before many times to no avail.

  2. I agree. it will be a great victory for Israel if the resistance stops in rerun for Israel ending its killings. no people were ever liberated this way. unless there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a comprehensive final settlement, Israel will continue to choke the life out of the Palestinians, with or without the qassam. with fire or through economic strangulation. if israel was interested in peace, they would have accepted the road map or the arab peace initiative. israel wants neither and the US supports it. that's why the USS Cole is within striking distance of Lebanon, to intervene if Hizbulla retaliated to relive pressure off the Palestinians. It's a conspiracy of gigantic proportion and the Arab official silence is damning enough. FUCK THE BASTARDS. FUCK THEIR TREASON. FUCK THOSE WHO DEFEND THEM.

  3. Jad, what resistance ? The death ration is 1 Israeli for several hundred Palestinians. With all due respect, this is suicide not resistance.

    So people calling for a ceasefire are now only seeking a propoganda win for Israel ?

  4. hani hani hani. it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Shallow Man. Dude, you love to spew forth cliche answers and quick soundbite.

    go find you someone with an IQ of 70 to play with. What a double density dimwit.

    hani, you seem to lose concentration after reading the first sentence. worse, i don't think you get it either. so with a short attention span and a low IQ, what in the world are you doing commenting on posts that require reading and understading at least the first two sentences.

    sorry Zenobia. I am just toying with him. no hard feelings hani....oh what's the point of the apology. you probably lost it after the first sentence.

  5. anon, my IQ is high enough to understand that when someone's argument is so weak they cannot support it on its own merits, they must resort to insulting the other side.


  6. i do suggest that you make an effort to read other people's posts. replying to someone who is good at scanning for keywords and using soundbites and one liners is not worth my time. why don't you leave blogging for people with an average comprehension.

  7. Dear Mr. Hani Obaid, I am a frequent reader of Arab blogs and every now and then I come across your interesting remarks.

    Frankly, I don't know where you stand. Like the other commentators, I am confused by your statements.

    If you are a Liftest, I wish to remind that the left led third world liberation battles against colonialism. From Titu to Che Guevara and Castro to Ho Cho Minh and others. But you are against armed resistance so you can't be a leftist.

    If you are a peacenik, like Ghandi, I wish to repeat what anon said. Ghandi is the model for creative non-violence, boycotts, protests, strikes. And Ghandi was vehemently opposed to the partition of the indian subcontinent. He called on his people to defy laws that support imperialist and colonialist interests. tens of thousands of Indians were killed because of these non-violent acts.

    Now you are not calling for boycotts of US and Israeli products, both engaged actively in colonialist and imperialist endeavors in Palestine, Syria, and Iraq. You are not calling for boycotts and mass protests and civil disobedience against repressive and corrupt Arab regimes.

    What are you Mr. Hani Obaid?

    And please, do make an effort to read the questions before you answer.

  8. @anonymous,the problem in that offer is that the Hamas' rockets barely hit any civilians , hitting the streets and building ,where as the IDF murder machine kills every day not less 20 ,so how should really stop the attack for one month !!!??
    @Jad,USS Cole is here not because of Gaza but because of Lebanon , as pressure on Syria , already it will be stupidity of Hezbollah to engage in the figth now

    @Hani , this one person worth so much for his people , Do you remember that captured Solider "Galad", it is not like the Arab world where one person is nothing ,also remember that those groups like Hamas do not have that huge technology to produce state of the Art Qassam to be more accurate

  9. Zeinobia, please bear with me. You speak of the one month ceasefire as if it's a real offer and that I am the one getting in the way.

    the Palestinians stopped the rockets in the past but nothing happened. Israel continued its killings and kidnappings and wall building and settlement expansions.

    The Israelis wants Palestinians to stop rockets without the Israelis stopping killings and kidnappings and settlement building.

    The simple but painful fact remains that Israel has no interest in releasing the Palestinian hostages and has no interest in ending the occupation along 1967 and has no interest in the return of the expelled Palestinians or stopping settlements.

    The qassams, while ineffective in terms of their damage, remain a powerful psychological weapon that eventually will cause more and more Israelis to flee the region surrounding gaza. the same happened in the north after the israeli invasion of lebanon. the rocket damage to israel is great.

    the israelis know that. they know that eventually most of israel will be vulnerable to these worthless rockets, which may not cause serious damage but create a very inhospitable environment for Zionist settlers.

    the end will be one of two things: israel will have to drop the west bank and wrap up a peace deal in return for a palestinian cease fire. or israel will invade and commit a genocide the likes of which we have not seen in years.

    The last scenario is unlikely because israel understands that europe can stomach so much israeli violence before calls for boycott gain momentum and become a reality.

    unfortunately all the Palestinians have as an option to pressure israel is the rockets. without the qassams, nothing will bring israel to the negotiating table.

    for israel, the prospects of a north and south israel threatened by resistance rockets and potential for reverse settler movements causes them to freak out.

    my guess, the zionists will negotiate. until then, the Palestinians are paying the price any nation that wants to be free must pay. Ask the Vietnamese, the Algerians, the South Africans, the Indians, etc.

    there is no middle ground as israel has demonstrated when it snubbed the arab peace offer, the road map, and Annapolis.


  10. "The last scenario is unlikely because israel understands that europe can stomach so much israeli violence before calls for boycott gain momentum and become a reality."

    Even the UN secretary general's response to the genocide Israel is comitting right now is something along the lines of "Israel has a right to defend itself". As long as the rockets are launched Israel is precieved to be on the deffensive by the west regardless of the ratio of casualties.

    It's not about the number of lines :)

  11. World Jewry controls most of the money, media outlets and influential governments and organizations that run the world.

    So all of this talk of rockets and truce and cease-fires is a waste of time. Israelis doesn't want any Arab state within the borders of Israel. If they did, it would have happened already by now. Wake up people! Get with the program! The West is primarily run by the money of Western Jews, so you will never hear or see condemnation of Israel in the media or by governments. They contribute heavily to campaigns.

    We are just little people with naive minds. Throughout history Jews have sought to protect their own interests against both the Crusaders and the Muslims. They have the Crusaders under control now and following their agenda. It's just those pesty muslims that are proving troublesome right now.


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