Thursday, March 6, 2008

The language of numbers: Cocktail

  • L.E 30 Billions are the total loses in the poultry industry in Egypt !!
  • The prices in Egypt in year 2007 rose for 87.5% from year 2006
  • The price of rice increased by 83%
  • The crook of Madinat Nasr stole and escaped with L.E 3 billions !!
  • The crook of upper Egypt stole L.E 3 Millions
  • Some official said last week that Egyptians would feel and enjoy the economic reform in Egypt after 30 years from now "Did not we start the Economic reform from 1975!!??"

I have got no comment on these numbers ; the comment is yours


  1. Where are the numbers from Z?

  2. Sam all these numbers are from the Egyptian daily newspapers , everyday I open my eyes on even much more shocking numbers

  3. So how are people managing to live? Especially if the price of basic staples like rice have escalated at this alarming rate. I was in Egypt in 2006 and it was expensive 4 Egyptians then.

    Are they all eating other types of food now?

  4. @anonymous, there are some people in Egypt who did not taste the meat for months , not only the price of rice has rised but also a rice of a commidity like Lentils this week it reached to become L.E 10 !!!!
    I do not know till when the poor working class will continue like this , I am afraid they will explode and they will have and it will be very ugly

  5. Many years ago I spent a magical time with my grandfather in a village in the north.

    One afternoon we were sharing time and tea, a woman came with her children and explained while weaping, how she needed something for her daughters wedding. My granfather traditionally would give ducks, chickens, rice, flour, etc.

    Even though my family can afford food in Egypt, I still see my mother's strained face and exasperated emotions when she describes the prices and how people are supposed to survive. How they now must go for weeks between eating meat. How Educators and other professionals make only $60-$80 U.S/Canadian month......

    So they work mutliple jobs, children work to support the family, the list goes on.


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