Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not for the eyes of Beckham

I do not like David Beckham , oh yes I do not like him as a footballer nor as so called handsome hunk , I just find him as toy in the hand of Posh Spice yet when I saw this photo I just could not stop myself from downloading it , not for the love of Beckham but because of other one


This is Chinese cute pie , this adorable innocent Smile , I want to kiss that adorable baby for a whole day with this sweet smile


  1. taking in consideration the level of upsurdity in your last 15 posts

    of which at least 12 are totally upsurd...

    and taking in consideration you are posting in universal language [English]....

    i am begging you to stop posting for a while, at least cut down your posting rate...just to preserve what remained of Egypt Public Image

    LoudLaughter,...the laught chalked in my throat this time

  2. i don't know if he's a toy in posh spice's hand...

    the guy cheated on her when he was living in Spain..

    the are a multimillion dollar corporation's all about the dollars and cents now...

    why do u think they moved 2 L.A.? and she agreed to a spice girl reunion tour?

    his career is done in Europe...they need 2 keep making more and more money cuz no amount of money is ever enough apparently

  3. @Loudlaughter , I do not think that I will damage what remained of Egypt Public image alone

    @N.American Princess, the guy went to America to play some silly club compared to Real Madrid only because Posh loved L.A and the Hollywood style , already I read that his ex-trainer in MU said that Posh was destroying him.
    Posh wants to be a star in anyway
    Already the only thing she do in Showbiz is to be a part a group band , not even to sing solo "her Solo Career was terrible"
    I do not think that she is a good actress, I have seen her in Ugly Betty , she was not that great

  4. I agree Posh has no talent...a British version of Paris Hilton...true waste of space on tv and if you had half of the channels we get here you wouldn't watch much's all obsessive celebrity watching...

    Beckham is done as a player..after the last world cup England and the disastrous results he had...nope he's done..he's getting older and he probably only had a few more years in is a huge factor..they can make more here than in Europe..bigger market and they have a reality show if i'm not mistaken..this is an epidemic that is out of control since the Osbournes...celebrity reality shows..just total garbage viewing material

    that loudlaughter reader doesn't seem 2 like what u write..i wonder why he keeps reading...if i didn't like what or the way some1 wrote, i wouldn't waste my time reading it...go figure..


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