Monday, April 21, 2008

Follow Up : Israa

Ok people here is what I have read about Israa Abd El-Fatah , you know that she is missing and no one expect the security authorities knows where exactly she is.

I read in the newspapers today that she is currently in the Qantar Women Prison ,her arresting warrant was reissued after the General attorney decided to release her thanks to the emergency laws.

It turned out that Israa is the first woman to have a warrant by her name specifically from 27 years , the last women to have this warrant were in the infamous September  1981 arrests !! It seems that Israa is a real danger in the security point of view!!

Today morning I was going to cry when I found out that the mother of Israa Mrs. Fatima Ahmed Rashed had published a plea in the first page of Daily Masry El-Youm to President Mubarak , his wife and the interior minister to release her daughter !!

It is kind of sad and heart breaking , the peaceful lady wants her daughter back.

Plea Israa

From a Mother with broken heart on her a daughter "Israa Abdel Fatah"

to the heart of Mr. President

Mr. Hosni Mubarak

and the heart of virtuous lady

Suzanne Mubarak

and the heart of the Interior minister Habib El-Adly

Please I request from you to look with the eye of mercy to the future of my daughter and her life , as her health is continuously deteriorating in prison after being detained according to the warrant issued on the 15/4/2008 after being releasing by the General attorney on 14/4/2008

I plead your merciful hearts to release my daughter ,mercy to me, her family and her future

Fatima Ahmed Rashed 

I think you can see that this is an act of a real mother with broken heart who fears on her daughter life and future. I do not know if they are going to release Israa or not , may be they will to show how merciful they are , of course after assuring that she would not repeat what she did and speak in their favour , of course they may not happen especially now Israa became an icon and a leader in a way you can't imagine , in a way they did not imagine it. They did not understand or expect that I guess.

They should release her immediately.


  1. This is a sad story. The poor girl probably never thought it would go this far.

    I believe the government is making an example of her to tell all other young people..both men and women that there are consequences to be paid when lines are crossed.

    I doubt mother souzanne cares whether this girl is released. She certainly doesn't care that there are young girls without homes begging in the streets. But inshallah God will get her released from jail.

    I am amazed that these people fear no 1 including and especially God.

  2. This is so sad.

    For once I feel ashamed to be Egyptian, nobody can speak up or at least try and help this lady. Rabena yakhdak ya hosni el zeft enta we mratak w ebnak, etfooooooooo!

  3. @N.American Princess, Yes dear even I ,I did not think it would go this far , and you are right the government foolishly is trying to make her an example but I believe this will bring an opposite reaction.
    insh Allah she will be released , I do not know what tell you except there were not the first people in this earth who do not fear God , they were others but where and what happened to them !!??

    @loveyourblog,I am not ashamed to be an Egyptian because there are many people speaking about Israa then you think in the newspapers day and night not mention in the newspaper
    I think what makes the regime mad is Israa now became an icon after her arrest

  4. What happened after ? Was she relaesed



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