Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It is not fair :(

At last the military illegal court said its illegal word about the infamous civilian MB case and I wish it did not say that word , because that word is insult for justice and integrity this court is representing , of course I forgot to say that this court that does not follow the judicial authority but the administrative authority , it follows the President :(

You must know that all the civilian courts proved the innocence of that men

The verdict came as follows :

  • 7 years in jail for both Khairat Al Shater and Hassan Malak. "for n666324300_6414 what ?? "
  • 7 members tried in absentia got the maximum penalty 10 years in jail
  • The rest of the detainees got sentences between 18 months and five years !!!

These men were arrested in 2006 and 2007

There is no appeal I think in the military court  and even if there is one we should not put our hopes on !!

The regime is trying to weaken the financial powers of the MB by putting Al Shater and Malak in jail "both are wealthy businessmen"

I think that I owe the MB an apology because I thought that they had a deal with the regime not to participate in the strike or in the municipal elections in return that these men would be freed , I am sorry :(

Look you may agree or disagree with the MB , but if you truly believe in justice than you must agree that these men do not deserve this treatment!!!!

For Good sake at the same day the NDP tycoon got cleared from the contaminated blood case; the health scandal of the right and strangely I feel that he should not be freed !!!!!!!

More from the Ikhwan Web.com

My heart goes to the family of the detainees especially Al Shater family

Just a little opinion , the wise pants of the regime who like to remind us that we do not live in 1960s but we are living in the 1960s ,people go to jail for no reasons , financial properties are taken with no right at all :(


  1. What is the tainted blood story?

    My cousin's daughter had leukemia as a child and of course in the course of her treatment she had blood transfusions. She is now in stage 4 of liver failure. She has hepatitis C as a result of tainted blood.

    Is blood not screened all of the time in Egypt. It happened in Canada and people got Hep. C also but they sued the government and got some financial compensation. Still what is money when you don't have your health.

    So I'm curious about the NDPer and the tainted blood. I haven't heard of this story.

  2. My heart is breaking today. I can not believe how much the MB has suffered of late. Over 1000 members were arrested in advance of the elections, then this kangaroo court trial, then their backs were broken when they couldnt even register their candidacies in a "democratic" vote, so they even had to boycott the elections. Now this verdict. And the fact that their financial assets have been stolen as well. It's not bad enough to take the breadwinners away--take their money too so you kill their families as well. My only source of comfort is that other MBs will take care of these people, cuz that is just how they are! And my other sourse of comfort is that this will not crush the MB, it will only make it grow larger and stronger...insha Allah!

  3. Life is extremely un-fair.

    Sigh. You're trying to keep it fair though!

    p.s. be in Cairo next week....!

  4. i can't tell you what i felt like when i knew about it, i picked the newspaper and my eyes went quick through the lines to see what happened to dr Essam hashish, my prof in the univ, just to find out !! 3 years... with a heavy heart i couldn't continue to read the rest, i throw the newspaper away and went to the balcony, i was feeling like i can't breath!! this peaceful man .. 3 years .....

    totally unfair , total mess and complete nonsense !!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. @maryam,thanks dear

    @N.American Princess, My heart and prayers goes to your cousin and her daughter , the HCV is truely Egyptian problem
    the scandal was not about the blood but the containers in which the blood used to put in ,the blood became polluted, it was a big scandal because this is one heavy ,the good thing NDPer Sorror is still considered guilty in the eyes of the public

    @Queen,this is not the first time something like this happens to the MB , I am afraid that is nothing compared to the nasserite rule , at least now they can speak publicly
    they will come back , if they made and stood against Nasser ,they will come again

    @Sam , welcome to Cairo , take care it will be sandy

    @Freesoul , Hashish and Ouda broke my heart more and more , these guys should honored for roles not sent to jails :(

  6. This is my only hope and something I am completely sure of insha Allah. The MB will be back--better and stronger than ever, Insha Allah!


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