Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I like Jimmy Carter

Seriously I love this man more and more. This man seems from the few people who know the true meaning of Peace Negotiations , the true meaning of Peace negotiations in my humble point of view is to sit down with everyone involved in the fight or the conflict even those bloody ones and to listen to them in order to reach to point of agreement.

I really respected him for his daring decision to have a direct channel with Hamas and Syria as primary parties in the conflict of the middle east regardless of what is said , regardless of what the American , Israeli and Egyptian Media are saying , this is what it should be for the sake of everyone in the Middle East if we truly want a just unbiased Peace.

I know very well that Carter has no power at all and currently he is just an American citizen who turns to be the ex-President of the United States once upon time "The American Ambassador in Cairo Downy said that Carter got no official character and he was just an American Citizen" still what he is doing is the correct thing , even if the result is zero , and it will be zero but at least someone tried !!

Carter is now facing a big storm in his country. The Jewish lobby did not forget his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" and now he is speaking about Hamas as normal human beings

Carter is not a bad guy like the left and the Nationalists in Egypt and the Arab world think , when I read Ahmed Fouad Nagam's famous poem attacking him because of Camp David ,I really laugh because he turned to be not that bad

By the way I think I should mention that I also admire Amy Carter , the daughter of Jimmy , she was not your average first daughter at all

Carter is in Egypt I think , he will give a lecture at the AUC tomorrow and on Friday insh Allah he will meet Hamas delegation


  1. Thumbs up to Jimmy! I remmeber I voted for him in my fisr election after I was old enough to vote. Still cant believe that idiot Regan won! Even then, the powers that be were afraid of Jimmy. He's a good man!

  2. He is a man of princilple. Let us hope that his initiative cascades into more positive attitudes towards the Palestine cause.

    Izzat Sajdi

  3. I read his book when it was released and I believe that he's a wise man. Hereby, I do recommend reading his book.

  4. I find it absurd that the American people and government are often criticized and even attacked for our 'biased' support for Israel. We, in fact, provide Israel with more aid than any other nation. We are told by the government who our friends and enemies are. We are told rather than learn that the Israelis are our friends.

    President Carter has done more for Israel than any other president and yet because the Israelis disagree with Carter's right to disagree with the stale and flawed notion of not bringing "enemies" to the negotiation table the Israeli government decided not to protect our president during his visit. They decided not to protect our president.

    How shameful of the Israeli government to disrespect Carter's freedom when Carter has done so much for Israeli freedom. How shameful it is that we have not heard a single word from the Bush Administration or the news agencies about this security error of leaving President Carter with less security while the American people are constantly told that it is worth American blood and economic stability to protect "our friends" in the Middle East.

    In fact, the Bush Administration took Israel's side in attacking Carter. What is foreign policy coming to? We are sacrificing plenty for Israel. The least they can do is be civil in return.

  5. Jimmy Carter is a self-serving egomaniac who is convinced he knows better than everybody else. Accomplish nothing? All he did was send mixed signals to the player about where the US stands. He is an embarrassment.

  6. @Qeen O'danile, the Conservatives started with Regan :(
    I really respect Jimmy

    @Dr.Izzat , at least he showed them that he could reach to something with the threat and way language

    @Hicham , I want to read it , already I included it in to my list

    @anonymous,Carter visited Israel first and told them it is in their sake and surely it is in their sake to have talks with Hamas , he told them to stop the rockets they must listen to Hamas and stop immediately the siege of Gaza but they refused to listen to him because he was speaking about Fair peace for all parties , they do not peace where they can give up and take , they want Peace where they take only !!??

    @anonymous if Jimmy Carter were an embarrassment , what will Bush be ???


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