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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Links of the day

Here is a collection I found interesting in today:

  • In Egypt ,Upper crust gets bread;From the Washington another international coverage about the bread crisis
  • The Peace Symbol anniversary slide show in ; the trip of this worldwide icon around the world,the world is celebrating the 50 anniversary of Peace symbol , this famous cultural icon representing the Pigeon of Peace in the middle of a circle; unfortunately it only became an icon not a real thing !!
  • Hoda Kotb is an American from Egyptian origin "I think you knew that from the name" TV host , she is hosting currently a very famous daily TV show called the Daily Show on MSNBC.Hoda is not that famous in Egypt , the media does not speak about her may be because she does not consider herself an Egyptian ,her ethnicity is not reflected that much, this is what I actually hate because she comes from a great country with a great background.
  • Charles & Marie: Narghilé  , oh yes a Mini Shisha is featured in Charles and Marie Lifestyle website , a product of Lebanon , I bet this will find its way soon in Egypt , the Shisha or the Narghile causes TB !!


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