Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mahla on fire

The great Mahla is on fire currently , all the road to the greatest city in the middle East for the textile industries are blocked and closed even the trains going there are shifted to other cities in North Delta.

Mahla great workers were the brain behind the strike of today despite the fact that the regime cracked down the strike that was planned to take place in the factories in the morning , still it did not prevent the people from having their own strike.

Ironically the regime thought that by arresting the activists of Kafya and other political forces things will be calm in the industrial city , well as usual the regime is fooling itself , it is not the activists whom motivate the people to express their anger and refusal for the inhuman conditions they live in. People since afternoon started protests in the big squares in the city , sooner the protests developed in to clashes between the people and the security forces.

We began to receive news at about 6 PM that Mahla on fire technically , some one sent an email including the photos in the slide show below described the city as Egyptian Gaza.

Things got from bad to worse thanks to the security forces barbaric behaviour , those people do not have the position of negotiator or even know the word negotiate .

The forces used warning blots and tear gases ,along with sticks ,people were badly injured

It reached the point of no return when two persons killed to become the first martyrs of the 6 of April which I always remember , the first one was 20 years old young man and the second was a 9 years old boy "strangely today in Gaza also a young boy was killed !!", Yes it turned to be correct and true unfortunately.

People there got angry ,more clashes ,unfortunately those who are engaged more in the fight are the youngsters from 11 to 16 years , there are weapons used like the local short swords , there are fires in the streets.

Now the city is under a siege from the security forces

Long live The Mahla and its people

Updates : There are news saying that they cut electric power off the city

Updates "07/04/08" :

  • Yesterday night there was a curfew in Mahla in the main squares , people had to walk in the side streets other wise they would be shot down.
  • The security used live ammunition.
  • The injured were transferred to the Mansoura hospitals according to eye witnesses, some of the injured had critical injuries
  • The bodies of those who were killed were also transferred to Mansoura main morgue and some are saying that these bodies are more than two !!
  • You can enter the Mahla by car , only by foot walking for 12 KM
  • The clashes transferred from the city to the villages.
  • The people there after the murder of the 9 years old child cut off the railway and burned it .
  • Any eye witness wrote to Wael Abbas telling him that the telephone cabinets were damaged and the streets looked as if there was a real war there


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