Sunday, April 6, 2008

More updates , More news and more photos

First of all I have known from my twitter sources that things are pretty ugly in Mahla , the protests were violent , the security cracked it down violently and some were injured ; there are some news saying that two persons were killed ; no confirmation yet but I think if this true than these guys are the official martyr of the 6 of April 2008 "Oh My God I have just known one of them is nine years old kid , oh my God"

Second according to Hisham Mubarak centre the number of the detained reached about 200 and may be more.

Second I got many photos wonderful photos from my friend Juplia and my wonderful new friend X Hacker

X Hacker went to the early morning and when he returned back about 3 PM he took as careful as he could couple of photos showing the Security presence , the empty streets , people these streets in that time can't be empty ,but the photos you can see them empty, the police tried to stop but he was a lucky X Hacker to get from them quickly

Also my dear friend Juplia from the BOB of 2007 Al Jazeera Talk and his testimony in Arabic about the day with photos from Al Tahrir square




From the university of Helwan , photos for protests to prove the hypocrisy and on going lying in the official media ,From the Resistance students blog

  1. Part#1
  2. Part#2




And here is a photo from Alexandria , the security presence near the famous Manshia Square


From Amal Al Oma Alexandrian website

I just want to add something Facebook and Twitter made history in Egypt today

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