Sunday, April 6, 2008

Follow Up : The security in the Tahrir square

These are not the most recent photos , in fact there are no recent photos , anyone is spotted with camera or a mobile phone camera taking photos from down town and the Tahrir square protests is being detained along with his or her camera
These photos were taken in the early morning showing the security presence in the area , the security forces did not notice the young man who took it thank Goodness
These photos were taken by X-Hacker Haridy who sent them to Strike blog which I published its URL early


  1. N. American Princess4/06/2008 05:25:00 PM

    Downtown Cairo looks like a ghost town with all of the riot police surrounding it...

    The Egyptian regime is not going 2 go down without a fight that's 4 sure...i think that the only way things will change is if change is forced.

    Only God knows what is in store for Egypt...

  2. I am xHacker
    I did anotehr exciting adventure from 3 to 5 pm and took those photos..
    You can see my comments about them here:
    Anyhelp to spread them will be great
    Btw no other pics were taken and police tried 2 times to stop me asking for id forcing me to hide the cam, in one of the pics you will see someone holding wireless..

  3. This is amazing. hope it will carry on for the coming days. may god be with the egyptian brothers and sisters.

  4. Hello everyone,

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  5. @N.American , it was a ghost city , I had to go to work on that day and It was empty a perfect empty city

    @XHacker , thank you so so much dear jabi, thank you so please for your feeling

    @deja Vu, thanks for the link ,it is important for sure


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