Thursday, May 22, 2008

After 7 days ...

After 7 days from today Egypt officially will stop working with the infamous emergency law; it will be expired and unless there will be explosion some where to be called by the government a terrorist act , Egypt for the first time in Mubarak rule will be free from it .

Do not be so happy because there will be another law which is the Anti-terrorism law , I do not know if the regime will act so fast in the coming days to pass the law so quickly in the parliament and this is so easy taking in to consideration that the majority in the Parliament is from the NDP and more important that when the NDP wants a law to pass they make it pass whether we like or not even if it is against the constitution .

Anyhow if nothing is imposed after 7 days as an alternative ,I will consider it as a trick from the regime to appear as a freedom lover regime in front of the west because I can't believe that this regime will live one second without it, it is like oxygen to  it , through it Mubarak has ultimate control on Egypt ,so unless something is ready in the oven "and it is already there" then this regime is committing suicide.

Anyhow put in your mind if something happens in Egypt from blasts or attacks next , then remember the emergency law .

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