Friday, May 23, 2008

On the draft of a defeat : The Nakba of wording

The name is the Nakba and if you are a frequent visitor to Arab blogs or Arab speaking English newspapers and magazine Websites, surely you met it in the past two weeks and you knew it was about Palestine; it is term commonly used in the Arab world to describe the occasion of the loss of Palestine and founding of Israel.

Nakba means in English Calamity.

Its full name is Nakba 48, beside war of 48

Of course you do not need to know or to guess why in the Arab world we called it Calamity or catastrophe; it is a catastrophe when millions of people are forced to leave their land so it would be occupied by another people and the world was watching and approving.

Still I hate this name; in fact I hate the tradition of calling our defeats with names from the vast Arabic vocabulary because it did not change the fact that it was a defeat. If you treat it like a defeat then you can come over it and few years later you will have a victory, if you treat like a defeat it is a confession from your side that there is something wrong and you will try to know what it is to correct it.

Also this wording game some times makes people despair and lose hope. Just like the Naksa of 1967, which I would rather to speak about it in its time after couple of weeks insh Allah.

With my all respect all civilizations in the world do not name its defeats with fancy names like us, I am trying to trace back this bad habit in our Arabic and Islamic history but I can’t find it anything similar to it

The wording here is very important. I feel very strange when I read in the international Websites “The independence of Israel” what independence!!??

From whom exactly did they declare their independence from??

The British Mandate “another fancy word other than occupation”, well the British did sell give them the land of Palestine for free as far as I could get. The Zionists or the Israelis did not pay much for a price; the Palestinians were the one who paid the price. Anyhow again to the independence word, I prefer to call it declaration because independence means that this land was occupied, other than the British forces and Zionist colonies ,this land was occupied by none except its people who lived in it for thousands of years : The Palestinians

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