Friday, May 23, 2008

Mark your calendar : Strike No.3

Mark your calendar for the next strike in Egypt : On the 5th of June 208

Oh yes the 5th of June can be the third strike Egypt would see after the 6ht of April Strike and the 4th of May Strike.

To tell you the truth I like the date , it is meaningful , our historical big defeat !!

I did not receive any invitation yet in Facebook about , but I found talks here and there in the Websites and blogs

People in Egypt are extremely angry from the Government's latest economic decisions to escalate prices in oil and taxes .

If our people ,the Egyptians want a real change then they should stay at home on the 5th of June , which will be Wednesday ,this will send a big slap to the regime


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  2. Amre,

    Why the acerbic vulgarity? Please if you have nothing nice or cogent to say---------don't say anything. Personally I would say your commenting has become borderline harassment!!!!!!! And Z is too generous in not taking a more strict course of action with you.

  3. @amre el-abyad:
    Leaving your choice of language aside (which show what kind of vulgar, indecent human being you are). What the hell does your comment have anything to do with the blog post? Go buzz off somewhere else.

    I don't know why strike organizers do have a complete lack of sense of timing. For any strike to be successful there has to be some active participation from students, and by June 5th, there will be final exams in universities and schools.

  4. @ticknad, thanks for defending me ,it means to much to me

    @)Oxdeadbeef,you know I told him 100 times to stick to the blog topic
    about our strike , I think you are right , they should think that there will be no effective strike except when the exams are over
    this shows how random these dates are chosen in Egypt
    just like the wise guys who said let's have a strike on the 23rd of July despite it is a national holiday !!??

  5. Another strike, and now on my birthday - wow! I won't forget that date (even though I have been trying to for years now.)

  6. @Vagabondblogger, happy birthday in Advance , well it is from the good things that happened on that day that you were born


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