Friday, May 16, 2008

Follow Up : Farewell Hadeel


I wanted and wished that the next time when I write about Hadeel was the time she would recover from her severe illness and return back to her family, to her friends and to her blog.

To be honest I have knew the news from minutes ago and I feel so sad ,despite I do not know her personally nor I was a regular reader to her blog , I visited her blog when I read about her story of illness and I was so sad to find that this talent go away like this .

I do not know why I feel sad

is it because Hadeel was young like me , she had just celebrated her 25th Birthday ?? !!

Or because she is a blogger like ?? Or because she was talented ??

May be Blogging did not save her life but for sure it made so many people feel sad for her and consider her as another friend .

It is strange because she is not the first blogger to die young , in Egypt we got Shimaa or Shiko who is not longer online , Shimaa wrote a farewell post in her blog because she was sick but Hadeel did not have the time to do so.

I am sorry but I feel so sad now

RIP Hadeel , May Bless your soul , give patience to your family , your friends and your fans.

If you are Muslim then please read the Fatah on her soul :(

If you are not Muslim then please mention her in your prayer

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  1. That's so sad.They both could have done a lot of good being such talanted bloggers.

    Hopefully their families are close and will support one another.They need each other now to find strength to carry on in life.

    It's so nice of you to care Egyptian chronicles,so many people are so busy going about in life that they don't take time to think of a loss of special people that have given much of themselves and cared for others,are unique and talanted like these two bloggers.And,not to mention their loved once left behind that really could be helped by somebody caring,like you.

  2. May her soul rest in peace.

  3. @Kristen ,thank You so much dear , I am not alone in fact who is sharing this bad news with the world , in fact since yesterday the whole Arabic blogsphere in Egypt and the Gulf till now is speaking about this sad news


  4. Thanks for helping her to have more chance of do3a2 .
    and hope god will plus us all and let her soul rest in Jana Ya rab


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