Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Food Diary of the Guardian : Cairo

There is a special report in the British Guardian newspaper about Food prices crisis in the world , Yesterday I found out it was Cairo's turn in the report. Chris McGreal and Jack Shenker did a fantastic job in transferring the bitter image of the situation in Egypt , already no Official media journalist dares to transfer the image like this from the working low class

Jack Shenker is sharing with the whole world the diary and the diet of an Egyptian simple working class family "The Arabys" in one single week.

Chris McGreal posted a podcast and a video with a feature about the bread shortages ,hunger and unrest in Egypt.

Please read it, listen to it and watch it because the coverage is fantastic , I tell you that Al Ahram does not dare to publish something like this , after all Al Ahram and co. say that the latest economic decisions came to save the class of the Arabys and Hoda "featured in McGreal report" !!

I just want to clear something the food prices crisis is the tip of the ice berg , we are suffering from the food prices in that way because of our old bad economic decisions and corruption that left nothing to the middle and low classes over the years.

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