Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If You know the reason

Q : why had the Egyptian government renewed the activation of the Emergency laws for another two years ??

A: Because the future terrorism law does not include any protection to the regime for the strikes, it does not recognize strikes as an act from terrorism banned by law where as under emergency laws it can be banned by the orders of the President "Despite the fact it will be illegal "

Q : what is the significance of the two years period ??

A: After two years ,we will be in 2010 , the end of president's Mubarak presidential period ,where it is expected than he will not renew and will abdicate and his son Gamal will take over

It seems that the strikes are now the new threat facing the Mubarak regime scaring them after the success of the 6th April strike "this is a success, this fear".

Now on a daily basis in Egypt there are strikes across the nation mainly in the factories and there are protests some where in front of something.

The culture of Strikes and protests is something the people in Egypt will refuse.

Anyhow this is the the story of the renewal to the Emergency laws

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