Wednesday, May 28, 2008

President Carter and the Israeli Nukes

President Carter is continuing on breaking all the taboos and is saying the truth about the Israel Nuke arsenal , of course many people do not like this , truth hurts sometimes but here is the former president of the United States is saying what we have been saying as Arabs for more 60 years ; watch out for the Israel Nuke arsenal people !!

They have 150 nuclear assorted weapons from bombs to rockets to submarines ,you name it but no one care , the IAEA does not inspect nor demand an inspection nor the EU and American administration impose sanctions on Israel !!

Thank you again President Carter for saying the truth , we do not need anything except the truth , we do not want you to condemn the inhuman siege of Gaza , but just say the truth.

150 Nuclear assorted weapons and what is hidden can be greater like the Arabic classic proverb !!

With my all respect the IAEA should stalk Israel instead of Stalking Iran, Syria and all other Arab countries with Nuclear ambitions with Israeli or American blessing

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