Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jimmy in Fox

Our own Gamal Mubarak or Jimmy made another exclusive interview in World Economic circus with Fox News "how it can exclusive and already he made several interviews here and there !!"

As you can see the reporter won't be from Fox if she did not ask Mubarak JR about Iran, this is the first question , already I do not know why he is speaking about Iran , it is an external issue and he is not official member in the cabinet .

Another thing I noticed that he always uses the word "Challenge" over and over ,whether in his Arabic or English interview ; Iran is Challenge , Peace Challenge , economic challenge , there is always a challenge facing this man !!!??

Again I found him aggressive judging on his body language.

What can I say ?? Enjoy the show of your favourite Jimmy in your favourite GOP Channel


  1. Thanks 4 this. Good 2 c he continues 2 wear the same shirt over and over....Hey Z..maybe he doesn't have money for any other he wants 2 identify with the man in the street and wear the same item of clothing Armani suits for Mr. siree

    He is even more lame in English than he is in Arabic..this is the 1st time I heard him in English...his mouth moves..words come out but he doesn't really say anything now does he?

    I think it will be a very sad, depressing day in Egypt, the day this little rich boy becomes president. If he becomes president. Maybe he keeps denying this fact because he knows in his heart it probably won't happen. And that he isn't the man for the job. I mean come on...isn't there some1 that is even more sneaky and clever than father and son that is waiting in the wings to step in and take over?

  2. @n.american princess, well to say the truth , that was the same day he had this session with Barack and Blair
    about the sneaky guy , for sure there is one , there is always someone


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