Monday, June 16, 2008

Endorse him or not, it is not your business

Mommar Gaddafi loves to be in the picture , he is a showman and he hates it when all the lights are spotted on some one else, this is something we all know in the Arab world whether as people or rulers , no one takes him serious still he creates buzz.
It has been a while as I recall since the Arab league summit in Damascus when he spoke publicly and shared with the rest of the 783860134 world what he thought about the current issues.
Gaddafi last week expressed his opinions about the American elections , about the Presidential candidates especially Obama , it is worth to say that he was the first ruler in the world to express publicly his opinions concerning a specific presidential candidate in that race , after all it is a national matter concerns the American people and diplomatically this or that candidate can be the next President of the U.S , the commander in Chief so it is better to keep what is in the heart in the heart , at least for now.
But again this is Gaddafi , he interferes in other countries' affairs and he does not know a meaning for the word "diplomacy"
He expressed his opinions about Obama , after all Obama is half African and the leader of the Libyan revolution is an African leader. As usual his opinions were shocking and stupid
First he said that Obama should be proud of his African and Islamic roots , he should be proud of his Islam , yeah his Islam , I do not know how many times Obama told the whole world that he is not a Muslim !! May be the news did not reach him yet !!??
Second he attacked Obama ,oh yes the first part would make you think that he is proud and supports Obama but it is not as you think
Obama should not be the President , because in the point of Gaddafi's view he will suffer from the White man's complex !!??
I do not see him suffer from anything
And "the big moment comes here"
He does not and will not endorse Obama !!
With my all respect does Gaddafi own an American passport without our knowledge ??
He is foreigner , his endorsement means nothing to Obama , already it is good for Obama that a dictator like Gaddafi does not endorse him !!??
IN my opinion , Gaddafi felt bored that his name is not mentioned in 81534499the news ,international news for a while ;thus he thought of making the headlines by commenting on any thing popular in the news now, and so he found the American elections and Obama as a good opportunity.
By the way may I ask why Gaddafi wore a military uniform that suits a  General not a Colonel!!
and what all the stuff on the suit , do not tell me medals from third world countries !!??
Seriously did he wear this uniform to celebrate his navy historical remarkable great victory over "Abu Faiza"??

Barbara Walters , the famous American TV icon interviewed abc_walters17_080502_ssh published last month her autobiography “Audition” , beside her personal life , Walters shared her memories in interviewing the world leaders through her career , she was the first American Journalist to have an interview with Gaddafi in the 1980s , she asked him in a very intelligent way

“They say that you are crazy , what is your answer ??”

He did not answer but he laughed , a crazy laugh suits a crazy man , still smart Babs knew that he is not crazy but strange. Audition

ISBN: 030726646X
ISBN-13: 9780307266460

Image sources : Getty Images and ABC News


  1. It's very good expressions from you Zein. Considering Abu Faiza's case especially, After all Gaddafi acting like bad political commentator not as a political leader for a country ..

    Regarding Barabra Walters, with my all respect, ba7es enaha ta3bana between those American female journalists 

  2. @ghafari , he is not a commentator nor a leader , he is a ... I do not have any expression to describe him except a stupid villian

    about Babs , my dear she was the first , do not judge her now ,at her time she was the first and the top


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