Monday, June 9, 2008

Follow Up : Al Burullus revolution.

First of all I want to clarify something , yes Kafr El-Sheikh has a great MB presence but they do not have any relation from near or far with the uprising , with the mini revolution of the Al Burullus people.
Already Al Burullus people acted alone with no pre-organizing movement and this is why it is dangerous from the security of point of view . If it were the MB or the leftists then it would be easily to control but this sudden emotional rebel moves make the regime scared to death.
This is stupid regime which does not learn from its mistakes , it forgot that simple fishermen can be very angry and their anger of those outcasted forgotten people can harm all Egypt ,especially rich Egypt that goes to the north Coast and already they saw it last July in the Water protests.
Now here is a theory the regime acted so ugly and violently with the people of Al Burullus “they did not arrest them last year” because they wanted to teach them a lesson , it is not a game to cut or block the international highway from time to time !!
Another theory , this uprising happens after two months exactly from Al Mahalla uprising in April. This scares the regime that the other Governorates and cities began to imitate what happened in Al Mahalla and Al Burullus then it will be a very big problem threatening the existence of the regime and its security
Well again they did not go mad and cut the highway except when all doors were closed in front of them , if there is a reasonable governor not a rude bastard on the chair things can be solved , yes it is the regime fault but again the Governor of Damietta is appointed by the regime and is on the people’s side .
The Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh; General Ahmed Zaki Abdeen seems to me aza will be the scapegoat to the government ,after all it was his own decision that caused all that trouble and headache to the regime.  Zaki is an army general officer who used to be a military attache in D.C for three years and I think his ambitions were looking for more than Kafr El-Sheikh.
Here is his C.V
Already the man went mad on TV for Two successive times , his top moment which engraved his name as the most infamous Governor in the history was in Cairo Today show of Amr Adeeb* when he used inappropriate word on a TV describing his job . The job of the Governor is the dirtiest  job ever !!??
What ?? Does the Governor sell himself in the street corners of the Governorate without our knowledge !!??
Here is the moment on air , by the way the co-host with Amr is Ahmed Mossa , the journalist in the crime section in Al Ahram and the unofficial spokesperson of the Zaki seems to me disrespect the people Al Burullus especially the fishermen ,he does not respect the unique nature of their profession !! In fact he does not like the fact there are people with problems in his Governorate !!
BY way the NDP members attacked Governor Zaki and Rosa Al Youssef Daily , the spokesperson of the NDP started its critical daily column in the front page attacking him ,already this column is always for regime enemies “anyone who says no”
I think Zaki will leave the Governorate in the next change in the ministers and Governors movement
Update : Just now on the national TV he lost his temper again.
*Adeeb Clan’s and shows are actually pro-regime to the bones , they used as a vent

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