Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up : The Al-Burullus uprising "With videos and photos"

Monday, June 9, 2008

Follow Up : The Al-Burullus uprising "With videos and photos"

Al-Burullus made the headlines around the globe in the last 48 hours as the city which saw the hunger revolution , real hunger revolution. All Egyptian commenters and activists consider Al-Burullus to be the second Mahalla whether from the public anger or how the security dealt with it.

Nevertheless Al-Burullus people proved to be real respectable people with hot temper , if we were all with hot temper like them our rights would not have been taken one by one like this.

If you remember last summer we were shocked to know that in the land of the Nile there were Egyptians who could not find not clean water for months , the Nile Delta saw huge protests starting from Al-Burullus , when the people from that city brought their cause to the attention of the world when they cut and blocked the international highway for 6 or 7 hours after 11 days without water.

Ironically its anniversary is next month

The people of Burullus knew the trick ,the government won’t listen or look down humbly to those simple fishermen if they do not cut and block the international high way to the north coast.

And that was happened this time again but unfortunately it took very ugly turn.

It was water last year now it is Wheat , bread , the hunger revolution.

Here is how started , the Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh in which El-Burullus follows issued a stupid order to ban the selling of subsided wheat to the public ,only the bakeries can buy it . The problem is that the simple poor people of Al Burullus do not buy from Bakeries beside being like the rest of the Egyptian country side depending on the domestic bakery , the nature of their work make them special.

About 80% of the Al Burullus people are fishermen, those fishermen go to fish whether in the sea of the lake for days , they take with them wheat on the board of their boats and ships in order to make fresh bread with them , they won’t eat some bread made from last week !!??  Already in the past they used to buy by subsided price 10 Kilos from wheat per person.

This is why the people went mad and believe they did not go and block the highway except when all doors were closed in front of their faces and thus it comes to something very essential like Wheat they must do like they did. The masses that blocked the high way with flammable tires were huge in number , it was even bigger than last year , some said they were 5,000 , other said they were 8000 and even another one said 15,000 !! You know the language of number in Egypt is not that accurate.

Of course the regime did not do what any respectable wise regime does from solving the problem in more reasonable diplomatic way , they sent immediately their death anti-riots squads to start clashes with citizens and to repeat again what happened in Mahalla.

This is  a  summary of what happened “according to Hisham Mubarak center” :

  • More than 20 persons were injured from the clashes and tear gases.
  • The Police arrested 87 Persons from the locals among them women and underage teenagers but they released a number of them in the next 84 hours.
  • Officially the number of those who were detained are 37 , they are detained for another 4 days.
  • There was unannounced curfew in the city in the first 24 hours.

Things are quieter now thanks to the police presence . But the anger of the people is not over.

Now here is a slideshow of dear MR. Arabawy as usual


Also here are some several videos in Arabic

I got some theories about why  the regime dealt with the Burullus  people in that  ,which I prefer to say in another post added to it the updates concerning the governor

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  1. Bad news for human rights in Egypt. Hisham Mubarak dies of a heart attack at age 35. May God bless his soul. He was truely remarkable man.

  2. Amin , but he did not die today or from short time
    any how May Allah bless his soul

  3. Sorry This is old news off New York times website

  4. good work, cheapeau on the report.
    i'll be waiting for you to fill on your promise for a follow-up analysis post.

  5. @Hazem , never mind

    @Arabjew,thanks , I already publish it , well part of it in the post right after this one


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