Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up: Momtaz you are fu*ked up

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Follow Up: Momtaz you are fu*ked up

Lol Mr.Momtaz El-Kot is paying for his kisses to the regime ass as I expected.

The Egyptian Presidency was shocked at what he wrote last medium_momtazz11 Saturday ,well not at what he had written but how the people received it in and outside Egypt.

The man made from Mubarak an universal joke with package of dates , exactly two kilos of dates, oh yes Mubarak paid the customs for two kilos of dates.

Now the Presidency had to act fast and thus they issued indirect press release from their unofficial spokesperson General Mustafa Bakery in his nationalist newspaper to deny the incident , it did not take place.

He wrote this in his column and Al Dostor re-published it “It is a strange act”

According to Bakery, Mubarak was angry from El-Kot that in Italy he asked him on the air force 1 , our air force 1

“From where did you get that story of the dates ??”

El-Kot smiled and did not know what to say .

Still Bakery got a point

It turned out that those presumed two kilos were present from the Prince of Tabuk , the King’s brother !!?? Strange that the prince would send only two kilos and by air mail !!?? You know there is another way , short way to send them through the Embassy !!??

I think El-Kot should forget the promotion .

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