Thursday, June 5, 2008

Follow Up : The Matrya Hospital scandal

More info about the terrible the Matrya hospital scandal.

First I contacted Mr.Akroot who uploaded those daring videos that shocked the public and reached to the media and this is what I knew

  • Dr. Akroot is actually a doctor in the Matrya educational hospital.
  • He did not film these shocking videos , but they were filmed by his co-doctors .
  • He is the one who collected these clips in order to publish it and expose the corruption in media and in public.

Now here is the news updates :

  • The minister of health presented an urgent request to the General prosecutor to open an immediate investigation about the incident.
  • There is a lot of trouble in the administration of the hospital.
  • The doctors are being admired for their courage in the situation.
  • It turned out that in this black night not only 4 babies were killed but also 2 adults because of the outage.
  • The families of the victims are so angry.

Here I want to say something Dr. Akroot is a citizen Journalist of his own style , this is a great of the growing citizen Journalism in Egypt.

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