Thursday, June 5, 2008

A brand new powers in a brand new middle East "1-2"

This is a brand new Middle East for sure that suits a brand new world , another step towards the new middle East where the Usually leading countries are substituted with other countries in the leading place,it is not about dictatorship regimes and minorities .

In the last 20Th century Egypt and Saudi Arabia were the leading the countries in the Middle East, Egypt was the first then Saudi Arabia was the second , then in the last 27 blessed years the roles were switched especially in the last two years , Saudi Arabia became the leader and we are the follower , of course both were following the 81234497 American Orders blindly. Saudi Arabia was always the faithful ally for the United States ,so it is not a surprise , Egypt has its own ups and downs with America since the revolution or the coup of 1952 "it was actually the first one to be backed by the American administration then in the region"

Any how it seems that the United States got bored from these two dictatorship corrupted countries and wanted new faces ;new countries to lead the Arab world . It got bored from Egypt first and let Saudi Arabia the one who plays the leader and mediator role whether between the Iraqis or the Palestinians . Of course the meditation did not work and those enemy brothers are still fighting

And thus the New Qatar was born " before I complete speaking I want to add that I was born in Doha and so I do not hate Qatar or the Qatari people on the contrary I love them"

The prince of Qatar Hamad said in the opening of the Doha Conference that he knew very well the position and the place of his country in the Arab world as small one and that he did not want replace any major Arab force or clash with any major Arab forces , well he meant Saudi Arabia for Sure not Egypt , already the Prince had very rocky relations with the Saudis , ever since they hosted his exiled father , who  is also their in law .

I do not think that he meant Egypt , well Egypt is no so different from Saudi Arabia , also the relations with Qatar are not that good especially that Al Jazeera from time to time attacks Cairo and upsets it.

By the way I notice that Al Jazeera became some how neutral towards Cairo and Riyad lately.

Anyhow , Qatar somehow succeeded in what Saudi Arabia and Egypt had failed from months or even for two years now , to become a so-81218629 called mediator between the Lebanese opposite parties , making the impossible to convince the opposition to end their strike down town Beirut and to revive the Lebanese parliament again to elect a president in a historical move the Arab people not used to have. We were all amazed and we admired Qatar , considering it independent than Egypt and KSA from the American control. We were all happy that the two countries were away from the crisis this time.

I am really amazed by the role of Qatar in Lebanon , they won so easily the confidence of Hezbollah that they are the bridge “I think” between the Israelis and Hezbollah in the POWs exchange and  I believe that Qatar may take from Egypt the sole contract of negotiation between Hamas and Israel for Captured Galid, I read news about this still there is no confirmation about it.

Well think again  Qatar is not that independent from the United States !!

Qatar that hosts the biggest American base in the Gulf ??

Qatar that has the best relations with the Israelis ?? for God Sake did you see how their FM welcomed his Israeli counterpart from couple of weeks ?? Qatar exports to Israel gas before Egypt does !!

Prince Hamad is not that heroic as he seems , he also works according to American orders. It is a long plan since he took the role of his father. Yes he developed his country so much but I do not know ,it is more than development !!??

Look the United States administration is smart enough to know that sometimes you need to listen to the other side to win their confidence , Egypt and Saudi Arabia are no longer trusted , they are viewed as American puppets just like Jordan

I am sorry but I do not buy easily this role of Doha it is trying to play and I had to spend some time to understand what has gone in the past three weeks till I figure it out , this is another move towards the new Middle East


  1. حين تتراجع أو تبقى في مكانك.. يتقدم الآخرون

    هذا بالضبط ما حدث مع مصر التي تراجع فيها كل شيء: الدور والقيادة والتأثير

    وفي ظل الفراغ السياسي في المنطقة تقدمت السعودية للقيادة، ثم ظهر الدور القطري ليخطف الأضواء..وليس مستغربا أن تكون أزمات وتسويات المنطقة في دارفور وأبيي وجنوب السودان..وصولا إلى الأزمة اللبنانية والوضع في العراق والحرب الصومالية..إلخ، بعيداً عن مصر التي اكتفت بالجلوس في مقاعد المتفرجين

    وحين تغيب مصر، وتلعب دور التابع الذي يدور في فلك الآخرين، لا بد أن تكون الفوضى سيد الموقف في المنطقة العربية
    وهذه حكاية شرحها يطول

  2. actually aljazeera's neutrality only came into being after the host of "bila hodood" (forgot his name ahmed something) was accosted on the streets of cairo and wound up in the ccu.......

  3. @Yasser_best, منور يا دكتور
    عالفكرة انا لسه هاناقش الموضوع ده
    الضعف الداخلى اثر كثير على دورا الخارجى

    @Pax Machine, you mean Ahmed Mansour but that was from long time ,no it is after that


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