Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Al Matrya Hospital shocking videos

I do not know if I should post this or not .
Last week Al Matrya educational hospital had seen a tragedy on the 22nd of May 2008 when a power outage took place , yes Power 8 outage took place for two hours leading to the dramatic death of 4 babies in the neonatal intensive care.
You must know before this outage on the 22nd of May , the hospital witnessed an another outage from three weeks before for 5 minutes and you must know that the back up electric generators did not work !!
More important you must know that the administration of that hospital in Cairo that follows the ministry of health knew that. You must know that the administration of that hospital faked the time of death of those infants three hours before the outage so it would escape the legal accountability !!
Now when the outage happened ,the doctors who were in duty during that time did what they could do to save those babies , they used their mobile phones to light the Neonatal I.C , one of them filmed these critical moments . It is quite shocking the babies bodies were small and fragile. You hear angry voices from the nurses death babyand doctors , they could not do anything.
Here are the videos , I warn you that they are quite shocking and they are in Arabic.
I respect Hatem El-Gabali ,the health minister and I chose to be one of the best ministers in 2007 , he should open a fair investigation and fire their administration of the Matrya hospital because they are fucking with human lives.
Daily Al Masry Al Youm pubished a special report about it
Thanks to Klbash and Akroot “who uploaded the films in Youtube , I think that he is a honest doctor who still respects his oath”
This corruption in the Medical sector whether the public or the official should be ended .
My heart goes to the families of these babies whom I ask not to leave the rights of their babies to go like this.
This is a careless act from the administration that should be punished for .


  1. والله العظيم كانت دموعي مش حقدر أمسكها النهاردة وأنا بقرأ الصفحة الكاملة التي خصصتها المصري اليوم لهذا الموضوع ...
    بصراحة أنا زهقت وقرفت من البلد دي ... أو بمعنى أصح من بعض الناس إللي فيها ... المشكلة بعد لما قريت الموضوع سواء بالمصري اليوم أو عندك مش قادر أبطل تفكير في أهل العيال الخمسة دول وأقول أني مش عارف لو ربنا قدر إني كنت في مكانهم حعمل إيه ... ودم العيال دي في رقبة مين ...؟
    لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله

  2. hgiو الله يا افندينا حالتى من حالتك بس اقولك حمدت ربنا على الضمير الحى لدكاترة اللى فضحوا ادارة المستشفى
    دم العيال انشا الله مش هيروح هدر

  3. Dear Zeinobia,

    My heart goes to the families of the poor infants and I am outraged at this criminal negligence.

    My business regularly takes me to Egypt and I am constantly amazed and dismayed by the TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE IN EGYPT.

    God be with you...


  4. @Fawaz, thank you so much , I know what you are speaking about
    unfortunately Human lives are the cheapest thing in Egypt now

  5. Hi Zeinobia

    Would it be possible for you to post a link here to the special report by Al Masry which you mention? I can't find it online.


  6. Hi Amnesiac , I added it in the post and also here


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