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Samson Blinded: The ugly face of Samson

In the Bible there is a famous Hebrew of legend Samson,the Divine saver of the Israelites against the Philistines . Samson was deceived by Delilah who cut his hair , his secret of strength , she was deceived him and cut his hear while his sleep for money in Gaza from the Philistines . After Losing his power , Samson was captured by the Philistines who tortured till he became a blind. They took him to their pagan temple samson after couple of days , they did not notice that his hair was growing again; they were going to kill him to please their pagan god; in the last moment he prayed to God for forgiveness ; God forgave him and returned back to him his powers in the last minute and thus Samson in anger rage brought down on the pagan temple on the philistines and himself in a scene the was best quoted by Farid Al Atrash in his film “Last lie”

“On me and on my enemies Lord “

Changing the famous words of Samson in the new testament

“Let Me die with the Philistines”

This legend was memorized in the Egyptian memory thanks to the Hedy Lamarr and Vector Mature 1949 in Cecile DeMille ’s “Samson and Delilah”, my grand ma still remembers that film.

This biblical story seems that it is still alive and popular not for the lessons and morals we get from it. But certain Zionists are using it over and over to justify the war against the Arabs.

Philistines are the Palestinians , are the Arabs. Samson and Delilah-Hedy Lamaar

Delilah is a Philistine , a Palestinian ,an Arab of Gaza.

And so the Arabs , the Palestinians should die to be sure that the Hebrew State of Israel , the Kingdom of David will endure forever !!?

Take a look to this link below for a book that caused a lot of controversy that led Google and Yahoo to remove its ads from adsense as it calls for the mass murder of the Palestinians , it is described by those who read it as a War Crime manual

Samson Blinded: a Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict “You can downloaded it from the Website itself .

It was written by a Politician in Israel who used the Pen Name of Obediah Shoher because of the following reasons as he stated in his official website

  • Because Rav Kahane was forced out of the Knesset for simply promoting transfer of Israeli Arabs to Palestine.
  • To avoid offending friends and colleagues who hold different views.
  • To continue travel to Muslim countries under my real name.
  • submitting to the request of the security guys.

So he goes to Muslim Countries , I will not be surprised if he turned to be an Israeli minister in the cabinet of Olmert who visited Egypt over and over unfortunately.

Please read this review from Haitham Sabbah , it is kind of old from 2006 , pardon me but I found this book by accident and I was surprised how our media ignored it. Samson Blinded

ISBN: 1419621165
ISBN-13: 9781419621161

Look I am not surprised about this book because already Israel is built upon hate and disrespect to its neighbours , built upon old prophecies. This book is not the first or the last in the series that calls for the killing of the Arabs.

It is very important to read this kind of books because it shows the mentality we are dealing with .

The problem of some Israelis is that they do not realized that Samson had died from very long time.


  1. You wrote that Israelis harbour fierce hatred against you, Arabs. You haven't learnt your lessons well. It is radicalized Arabian crowd, that shouts about wiping the Israel from the world map all the time. From the day one in 1948 Israel lives under constant pressure from its neighbors trying to destroy it. Why is that Israelis managed to turn their strip of land into rather comfortable place to live and Palestinians, given almost the same score of land just fight and shout and fight and shout, doing nothing for themselves as a nation? And why didn't you help them during those fighting years? They were casted out from Jordan, casted out from Egypt... You are hypocrites, celebrate their so called "martyrs", who kill the civilians while keeping them safely in bay and outside your territory. Think with your own brain, try to critically judge your sources, use wide palette of these. With your blog made as it is now, you are just stirring animosity with brainwashed opinions. Have a nice day! kj

  2. @KJ , what lessons you are speaking about and you are repeating historical mistakes , with my all respect Israel was built upon another nation, another country and does not stop at here the two lines in its flag present the Nile and Euphrates river !!
    what same score you are speaking about and they did not have a state till now , Gaza was in Egypt's control and half of it refugee camps and the west bank was also in Jordanian control and half of it refugee camps !!??
    They were not casted out from Egypt for your info.
    Strangely the Palestinian Civilians are being killed since 1915 and no one is speaking about them
    I am not brainwashed and I do judge my sources

  3. Hi Zeinobia, thank you for picking up on the discussion. First I suspected that my opinion will be deleted, but you surprised me and I appreciate it.
    First- Israel was built on Britain's territory by UN. Equal place was given to Jews and to Palestinians. It is not true that Palestinians were the only and homogenic inhabitants of that territory. Israelis picked up on the opportunity and established their state. Palestinians refused, stating that Israelis were given better part of then British land. There was nothing constructive on their part and this situation persists till today.
    Second- symbols are symbols, maybe the lines really represent those two rivers. Flag of my country for example presents red color among others as blood, shed by my people for our country, although we fought any war. It is only a symbol. Brazilians have constelation on their flag and nobody is to suspect them to claim that constelation is theirs :-)))
    Third- if Egypt and Jordan are so kind about Palestinians, why those borders, why those pikes? I tell you why: for example in late fifties Jordan allowed Palestinians to settle within its state limits. Situation culminated in a way that Palestinians tried to make coup d'etat on Jordanese, so they were fought by the Jordanese army and expelled. Honestly- no Arabian country wants Palestinians on its soil, by keeping them miserable they can better control them.
    Fourth- maybe Palestinians are killed since 1915 (I would appreciate closer info), but that's not the case- Israel was established in 1948, before that date it was British domain with many problems indeed and in this situation it's irrelevant.
    Take care! kj

    1. A compelling argument is that King David established Jerusalem
      a thousand years before Christ, the Messiah, appeared on earth. Subsequently King Solomon built the Temple housing the sacred "Arc of the Covenant". The Jews held control but fell out of grace and were expelled, dispersed, or taken captive by their enemies. This demonstrates Semitic history with the land.

      A counter-argument is that Arabs/Muslims occupied the land, built their pagan god mosques upon Jerusalem and controlled
      the land until it was acquired as a British Empire Protectorate in WW1 and which eventually established the Israeli State.

      If First in and first to establish a government principles apply then the King David era lays a foundation for the Jews/Israelite to occupy this disputed land.

      If Last Out (Last Controlled by) has a right to designate who will govern then the British con-sequenced the Israelis to take control of the land.

      Perhaps the often ignored mandate is from God who promised this land to the 12 tribes in an everlasting covenant. I believe this trumps all the other arguments. Ist Chronicles 16 v 17 And hath confirmed the same to Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant,

      18 Saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance;

      God does not change and what does everlasting mean to you?

  4. Dear KJ ,I do not delete any discussion what so ever except the insulting ones
    now regarding Palestine with my all respect this was not a British Land , it was under the British occupation/mandate in 1948 ,it was not a part from the British Isle, it had its own people living in it for thousand of year and you are telling me it was a British land , what British land ,does this mean that Egypt before 1954 and 1921 was a British land??
    second about the flag ,the symbols represent ideologies my dear friend , do not underestimate them , I mean the U.S.S.R flag , the China flag , the Zionism believes in the Grand Israel from the Nile to Euphrates this is something they do not deny it ,they took Sinai according to it ,it is not just a symbol,believe me
    third about the black September in which you mentioned ,I guess it was done by the PLO ,the PLO does not represent all the Palestinians and it is unfair to put all eggs in one basket
    fourth,again what do you irrelevant , the Dier Yassin Massacre is irrelevant !!??

  5. I think you are drawing a long bow if you think the Jews want the land from Nile to the Euphrates. Thats a real laugh there are millions of muslims and they won't be able to do it. I suggest you do some research into where the israeli flag originated.
    You seem worried about the Palestinians who are really Arabs like you, but you don't seem worried about the Copts. The Israelis allow all sorts of opinions in their country and radical muslim groups. There are no christian groups allowed in Egypt. Also in 1948 the Egyptian army tried to invade Israel, so the Palestinians (more arabs) left or kicked out just like jews were kicked out of Egypt. So my question is - why are you worried about 1948? Its 60 years ago and really whatever the Israelis did was done by the Arabs as well. People like me in the west tend to side with Israel as they don't seem to dwell on stuff and move ahead. Half of Israel is Jews from the middle east kicked out by Arabs who took over their homes.

  6. Hi, what your doing is good....:)
    giving people the freedom to express an opinion.

  7. RobertL
    Israel cannot expand if left alone in there own state area. Israel.
    The free world will not allow any expansion east or west


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