Monday, June 30, 2008

He is an AUC

The AUC made a campaign to remind the people of Egypt of how prestigious and great it is , after the inauguration of the GUC and the British University the competition began to be tough , the A Class has other options.

The AUC was showing off its famous graduates who in a way or another left a mark in Egypt including Egypt’s Ambassador to the U.S “Nabil Fahamy” {rumour says that he would the next FM in the coming cabinet} and Omar Samra , the first Egyptian to reach mount Everest .

It is nice campaign but they forgot to include their most famous graduate who is really leaving his marks all over Egypt for history .


You should be proud when your graduate is working his way up to become the next President of Egypt


  1. And I bet they didn't mention my name either, eih?;)

  2. @Hossam , are you going to be the next president

    @Laila, thanks dear


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