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Friday, June 6, 2008

This is what he should do !!??

Our family do not buy Weekly Akhabr Al Youm since Mr. Momtaz Al-Kot , its chief in editor crossed all the lines in kissing the regime ass , after being loyal to Akhabr Al Youm publications for more than half a century for professional and emotional reasons , we could not take it anymore with the rubbish Mr. Momtaz writes every week to book the CEO place of the Akhabr Al Youm publishing house, even daily Al Akhabr we found ourselves living without it after boycotting it for a week and thus we do not buy it anymore even for Ahmed Rageb and Mustafa Hussein.Al Akhabr and Akhabr Al Youm are turned officially in an Egyptian Parvda , well it was like that since its nationalization I am afraid but we just do not remember.

Momtaz Al-Kot weekly tries to impress the regime and Mubarak in a very sad way , because it always end in the opposite direction making the regime and Mubarak the joke of the people for a whole week for his irrational loving columns.

Last week he did not make a fool of himself only but a fool from the regime and Mubarak internationally. I did not know about what he published in his weekly edition except from BBC World.

The BBC made sure that Mubarak has his special moment in it by publishing “Mubarak’s date with the tax Man” . This coverage made cover of Al Akhbar all those who do not read the newspaper pay attention to it ,including me .
It turned out that El-Kot published in the front page a report with a photocopy from a tax receipt , its headline said the following :

President Mubarak has paid 65 pounds in taxes

Oh my goodness,it turned out that President actually has paid taxes of a small amount of L.E 65 , this is nothing now !!??

The tax receipt was in the name of Mubarak and the story goes like this :

A box of dates had been given to the president by a Saudi Arabia, and the head of customs official told the minister of Finance “Youssef Ghali” that the president's office was insisting on paying the customs fees. The minister told him to take it adding to it VAT .

The money was paid and the box was handed to the President’s office , a receipt was issued with the name of the President , L.E 65 where added to the state’s regime and the President and his office enjoyed a royal quality dates.

It is worth saying that the director general of the customs authority did not believe himself that the President’s office would pay for the customs that he had to call the minister urgently and had this conversation in which the later urged to take the customs added to the VAT.

Wow the director general could not believe himself , it seems that Mr. President did not pay any custom before nor taxes that the man called immediately the minister !!??

You know what I think ,first of all how the hell El-Kot got a photocopy from this receipt ??

Second I think this is a hopeless attempt from the Ghali and the taxes authority to find a new face for their promotional campaign to sahsah_08 encourage people to pay their taxes and to justify the rise on taxes. You see their spokesperson , their taxes face who was very popular comedian Mohammed Showman refused to renew his contract in the campaign of the tax authority despite its huge success because he believed that taxes hurt the middle and the poor classes wondering where that money went . Already I noticed that that campaign despite its success did not come near to the rich and the filthy rich classes in Egypt at all.

With loss of Showman , the ministry of Finance had to search for another face and they could not find any one better than Mubarak !!??

Another serious explanation to this big mistake that Mustafa Amin is glad to be dead to see it on his newspaper is that they are trying to make the people forget what Al Dostor published about the ownership of Mubarak to Al Orba palace based on his brother in law own statement. They are trying to make Mubarak appears like a normal ideal citizen who pays his taxes.

Now I am not sarcastic ,but I am wondering if Mubarak and his office are too serious to pay L.E 65 which are nothing nowadays in Cairo why we do not have the access to his financial records and his income tax records like in respectable democratic countries along with the records of his sons and wife !!??

The Parliament should have access to these records as representatives of the people , they should audit every thing penny in it .

Making fun of this matter is not enough , we must say and remind them with what it should be.

I think now you understand how El-Kot made from a Mubarak one hell of a fool , because since then people could stop making fun.

By the way the main headline of that newspaper as I see is

Protecting the Middle Class

It is an irony ,is not it ??

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