Sunday, July 27, 2008

It is too late

Now the General Prosecutor decided to appeal against the infamous historical verdict of Safga court to clear all the accused of Al Salam Maritime Company starting from its owner the NDP MB Mamdouh Isamil.
It is too late.
In fact it is very dirty game form the NDP to clear their man , guys after the innocence verdict there is no need to have Ismail in court in person , he does not need to come in the appeal to testify in front of the court. And do so he won’t come for UK.
Here are some photos for the angry families who have all the right to be angry.
And before I finish this post ,I must share with you something , I must share with the whole world with the Judge that is being cursed thousand times by the families of the victims, by the people and the by the souls of the victims themselves in the mighty heavens.
Judge Ahmed Rafaat Al Nagar
Shame on you and on your tongue
One day you will be asked for this
One Day the NDP and the President will not protect you


  1. This is what they call it a travesty of justice ya Zeinab. Innocent people don't leave the country and refuse to come back to stand trial. In USA, if a police officer gave me a speeding ticket but failed to show up in court, the judge usually defers the fine. Imagine this guy Mamdouh Ismail was accused of causing the death of over a thousand passengers and not showing up in court to defend himself. Then he gets acquitted by this half man Ahmad Rafaat Al Nagar. How much did they pay you ya Ahmed? Did they promise you the moon if you acquitted this criminal? or they threatened to kill your family if you convicted him?
    Shame on all of you who participated in this heinous crime.

  2. It is not late. It is simply a continuation to the manipulation.

    It is as sad as it gets! :-(

  3. @Hazem, it is a scandal , a great scandal no described better than Wahid Hamad who I may hate him but I agree with him on that this is the worst verdict in the right of the Egyptian People after Donshoway :(

    @anonymous , yes it is so so sad :(

  4. I saw this on the dish and I was not surprised by the verdict.

    I want to understand something. Couldn't the company have paid compensation to the victims without a full admission of guilt. I mean, here in North American, but especially in the USA, companies are sued all of the time and forced to pay millions of dollars to people who were, for example, prescribed drugs that made them sicker etc.

    The companies pay and for the most part life goes on for them. He wouldn't have even had to pay millions. Just enough to see these families settled since most lost a major breadwinner in their family. Most were lower income families working abroad to help support their families. I don't understand why he wouldn't pay them? Is it just a question of greed or the desire to feel that he is above the law. But God is watching always.

    The government wouldn't have looked so bad if he had paid compensation. The judge...well he did what he felt he had to do. But someday he will have to face God who is mightier than any political party or leader in this world. And on that day, he will truly feel the meaning of REAL FEAR.


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