Sunday, July 27, 2008

Egyptian X-Files: Who killed Ashraf Marwan??

Our ultimate question is a name of a TV show that was first aired from couple months ago exclusively on Al-Saa TV Channel then re-aired on the Egyptian National TV. Al-Saa TV Channel by the way is a Libyan TV channel in Egypt, it is not Egyptian as it is said; this is a side remark. This documentary TV show was prepared and presented by Journalist/TV Host Amr El-Lathy. El-Lathy is heading one of Egypt’s ban260608 earliest tabloid newspapers, and here when I say tabloid, I mean a real tabloid “El-Khamis/Thursday”. You can see the cover of newspaper here {in the headlines: The plan of Ahmed Ezz to steal the President’s Chair in the yellow font with the red background and in the blue font the script The script of D.A in the gay Algerian Diplomat in Egypt !!!}
I do not trust El-Lathy as a journalist because he is a pro-regime one, regardless of what he claims. Beside what he represents in his newspaper can’t give you high opinion about him .But I can’t deny that some people watch him on TV. He presents a weekly TV show for some years in the National Egyptian TV produced by the News sector. This TV show is called “Akhatraq/infiltration”. The idea of the show is great, investigating old events and incidents in our history more deeply. I used to watch it to be honest but I can’t forget that there is censorship in TV and he is heading “El-Khamis”.
Amr El-Lathy was the TV host of that special TV show, which was filmed for months. I do not believe that El-Lathy produced it from his own pocket; seriously it was quite obvious that Marwan sons helped a lot in the production of this show.
This show does not mainly answer the question of who killed Marwan but it is repeating over and over without an official confirmation that Marwan was not spying for the Mossad but misleading them; a double spy for the Egyptian Intelligence and that’s why he was killed. Amr El-Lathy Also clearing the image of Marwan as arms dealer and here comes the lethal mistake, Marwan’s sons can say what ever they want but they can’t deny that their dad was an arms dealer, because it is a truth every body knows as clear as the sun. I mean so from where he got all that huge wealth in London. He did not start from the Zero. e did not start as a trader and with my all respect their grand father was not a millionaire. Already those sons forgot that Marwan could have been killed because of the arms deals just like Ali Shafik in London.
Already MP Mustafa Al-Faky, President Mubarak‘s former advisor  who worked in London in our embassy for years hinted to this possibility with reference to Shafik. For me it is striking because he was the first time someone in the position and connections like Al-Faky says directly that the deceased used to arm dealer.
Still in the TV show there were some interesting facts beside the one I mentioned earlier
Like for instance:
There were previous attempts to get from Marwan. Like for example once they found out that someone had messed up with the oxygen organizer before months. You do not need a brain to know there was someone inside.
He started to receive threats directly in the month when he was in Sharm El-Sheikh attending Gamal Mubarak’s wedding. It was the last time for him in Egypt. It is so interesting because why he did not ask or inform the intelligence if he feels that he was in danger or may be he used to these kind of this threat due to the nature of his work as an arm dealer !!??
The Marwans are saying that their dad was killed because he was writing his memories and the Mossad did not like it.
The TV show blames the Scotland Yard for being lazy, well they are right actually, I mean after a whole year they are still investigating and have not reached yet to a solid finding. It is not the first X-file with Egyptian Origin they are dealing with. Of course the slowness, mysterious nature of the case and the fact that it happened in UK, in a western country that supports Israel helps in enforcing the Mossad assassination theory.
The TV show was finished and re-aired in the official TV but it still has not really answer the question of who Killed Ashraf Marwan, it only shows one single theory trying to prove it by all means.
Update : Here is a clip from the documentary


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