Saturday, August 16, 2008

Egypt’s first Septuplets

I do not recall that Egypt saw something like this , but today in Alexandria a woman gave birth to Septuplets , yes she gave birth to 7 babies.
It is a real miracle because the woman , “Gazalla” who is 27 years old did not take any medicine , she and her husband have a boy and a girl already. What is amazing is that she was pregnant in nonuplets , yes in nine babies , but two of them die during her pregnancy.
Here is a fresh image from Alexandria photographic news blog
Gazalla gave birth to 4 boys who were put together and 3 girls who are also together.
Gazalla and her husband Farag are simple people from the working class , still they do not complain , Farag , a simple worker said that it was fate and God won’t forget them , surely the Lord won’t. In civilized countries the community whether from state or companies or individuals help the parents without hurting their feelings. I think the Governorate of Alexandria should help this man. Believe it or not all what I am thinking now is how this man will be able to find enough milk to those babies  !!??
This is so beautiful , May Allah bless them all.
Updates : The ministry of health decided to give the family milk and diapers for two years for free , well thank God they did this , we turned to be a civilized country after all 


  1. Reports are in the news that she DID INDEED take medicine (fertility drugs)

    From The Washington Post:

    "He said Khamis, who already has three daughters, took fertility drugs in an effort to have a son."

    "An Egyptian woman who gave birth to septuplets last week after taking fertility drugs said on Monday her family was too poor to raise the newborns."

    This was NOT fate it was drugs and yes, they ARE complaining that they are too poor to raise these children.

    I wish these poor babies the best but the parents should NOT have taken drugs if they were so poor. They already had THREE girls -they weren't good enough though.

  2. @anonymous, yeah I read this report , it is strange thing that they are so poor and are insisting on having a boy as if they do not want the girls they have ,the boy would not inherit fortunes for God Sake !! This kind of thinking need to be changed radically


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