Friday, August 15, 2008

At last someone criticised Farouk Hosni for real !!

For years I have been sick from all this nonsense about Farouk Hosni the artist , Farouk Hosni the creative , Farouk Hosni the abstraction godfather in Egypt. I have been sick for years from the media coverage of his exhibitions ,the so called artistic exhibition and believe me Art is innocent from them like the wolf from the blood of Jacob’s son.
I hate all those hypocrites who go to his exhibitions to smile in front of the cameras and praise his so-called masterpieces. I hate all those so-called Critics who loved his work, yeah I know they are doing this because he is a minister , I swear if he draws a black dot in a white blank painting they will praise it .
But now I am so happy because at last Hosni received a criticism that he really deserved from the west that appreciates him so so so much :)


  1. Ouch, that's a bad review...

  2. I think he will say that this was part of a zionist conspiracy against him !!
    It is very bad review

  3. it's a very good review. it's the stuff in the exhibition that is very bad.

  4. Is Farouk Hosni a good candidate for Director General of UNESCO? Will he do a good job managing that complex, multifaceted organization if he is elected?

  5. @John, no dear I do not think that he is a good candidate for Director general for UNESCO, he has been a part of very corrupted dictatorship regime for more than 20 years.


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