Friday, August 15, 2008

It is the announcement of the cold war then

Bush Aides Say Russia Actions in Georgia Jeopardize Ties -
It is the official announcement of the cold war ladies and Gentlement , the cold war return with the American Defense System and it is directly announced with the Russian invasion to Georgia. This is the end of the Bush Policy in 8 years and thank God for that because if McCain wins and there is no other pole in the world , the world will suffer more and more . I know things were not that good in 1960s when the World was divided between east and west but it is not also that great when we have one pole ruled by a crazy lunatic.
As if Putin really cares for the Russian-American Ties , well Bush jeopardized since he signed on that defense system .
This is the result of Bush's policy and unfortunately for him ,he can't do anything because he has no time , it is in the end of his Presidential period. It is a perfect moment for the Russian Bear that was thought to be spleepy for a long time , well it was sleeping for a long time but now it is waking up , this is just the start folks
Photo source : AP

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