Friday, August 15, 2008

You can still tweet through the Mobile.

As soon as I have heard the news that Twitter will not receive SMS messages from Egypt ,I thought that there was political about it as twitterrific_icon Twitter played a very important in the 6th April 2008 Strike but it turned out that I was wrong twitter is going to end its SMS in most of the countries except Canada and the United States to save costs , do not forget Twitter faced several technical problems in last couple of months !!!
It is worth to say that already one single Mobile operator in Egypt used to present the Twitter SMS service which was Vodafone , Mobinil did not receive anything , but could send !! Oh it sucked because I am a Mobinil user.
Most of my Egyptian bloggers friends were so sad and shocked because of the news and they to move to the next best available in live and Mobile blogging , Google’s Jaiku , I like Jaiku and I am a member there , I like it because I can send it SMS as I want but the problem it is not as popular as Twitter.
Still there can be hope , I have found that Service “Tweet SMS” , it has not started yet but according to what they are saying users outside the U.S and Canada can use it as a bridge to SMS Twitter , so if you do not to move Jaiku, you can use it instead. Give it a try you will not lose but I must say that it can cost more than Twitter.

By the way I got 20 invitations for Jaiku , if you want one just drop me your email in the comments :)
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  1. Zeinobia, you should get some of your facts straight before clicking publish or post.

  2. The facts are as follows:
    - MobiNil can neither receive nor send to twitter - Same like Etisalat.
    - The countries where twitter's SMS will work also include India, so it's not only USA and Canada.
    - Might cost more? It will cost more. Subscription fee + SMS fee, whereas there are better ways to tweet for less - much less.
    - Oh, one last thing. Wasn't the strike on April 6? What do I know, you are the political blogger ;)

  3. @JPierre , so it is India, US and Canada what about the rest of the world??
    About Mobinil well I was wrong ,I know nothing about Etisalat already I do not know anyone who is using it
    about Tweet sms , here we are speaking sms options , yes there are other ways like widsets and and Yahoo!go but they need special type of connection and mobile , the ease of Twitter is the SMS

  4. What about the 7th of April?

  5. Could I have an invitation?

    hibrii (at) gmail (dot) com


  6. sure anonymous , but unfortunately Jaiku is offline this weekend as soon as they finish the upgrade ,I will send one :)


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