Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Breaking news : A fire in the national theatre

I do not have enough information , already now it right after breakfast , people can’t move a muscle. The news source is again Nile News “Official Media”
There is a fire in the National theatre at Attaba in Cairo. It is another old building made of wood. The fire is in the main hall.
I do not know how to express but this building also like the Shura Council saw  and witnessed great history of culture and art.
The stage of the National theatre saw real stars of acting from around the Arab world :(
Farouk Hosni, the minister of Culture and candidate for the UNESCO does not have any Clue !!
This is the second major fire in Cairo in after a month of the Shura great fire :(
Update No.1 :
1- The National TV and Nile News say that the fire is under control now.
2- Al Jazeera is saying that the first continued for an hour despite the National theatre is beside the famous fire station of Attaba.
Update No.2:
1-The main theater hall , the historical hall was destroyed along with the dome of the building.
2- There are injuries among the fire fighters.
3- The smoke of the fire can been seen in Saida Zeinab.
4- Farouk Hosni went to the location.
5- Mubarak is in his way to attend the Lailat El-Kadr annual celebration.
6- The fire started during the breakfast.
7-Did not the ministry of Culture and its minister assured that all the theatres in Egypt were insured and protected against fire after the terrible fire of the culture center of Bani Sawif !!??
Update No.3 :
1- The fire is said to have started in the main hall in the curtains !! So who set the fire in the curtains of the theatre ??
2- The authorities closed Al-Azhar tunnel also they are refusing to let the journalists and reporters in to the scene !!
3- This is another building from the 19th century !!!
 Update No.4 :
1- Officially 3 firefighters were transferred to the hospital because of smoke inhalation "why do not they have masks ??
2-It turned out the oldest national theatre in Egypt was fully equipped with fire alarms ,why did not they work ??
3-This building was reconstructed in 1921 by the way.
Update No.5 :
1- The army again comes and saves the day !!
2-It turned out that the National theatre installed 30 new fire alarm.
3-Here is a lonely photo from 7thday e-newspaper from the fire

 Update No. 6:
1- Farouk Hosni is officially blaming the ill fate !! Fate now it is fate !!
2- Here is another photo from Reuters
3- More photos from Ahmed Abd El-Fatah from the scene
4- This video was sent to Wael Abbas who is currently in the U.S ,You can see the fire crystal clear in it

Update No.7 
1-According to Ahmed Abd El-Fatah ,the fire is over now
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  1. خدو بالكو والنبى من باقى المبانى الأثرية مثل المتحف المصرى وقصر عابدين

    تساؤل - هل يكون الحرائق الهائلة هو تطهير بالنار أو لمحة من القدر عن أيام قادمة

  2. تساؤل - هل نكون الحرائق الهائلة هو تطهير بالنار أو لمحة من القدر عن أيام قادمة

  3. what is happening in misr? God bless you all! back in 52 there was military sponsored fires all over the downtown. is history trying to repeet it self? Ones again military sponsored coup to hide the misstakes of the governement? Or is it "just" decades of neglect? poor, poor Misr. - I really feel like the caracter Adel Emam plays in Beit yacobean - Misr is degraded by her own choise and due to neglect!

  4. @The silants party,I think it could be a glimpse for the future
    اظن و الله اعلم انها لمحة عن المستقبل

    @anonymous, I do not think that the Free Officers were behind the fire , I think the British were behind anyhow I do not believe not think that the fires in 2008 were made by the army to hide the government corruption ,but it is bad omen for sure


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