Saturday, September 27, 2008

Breaking News : Al Mansoura is heading back home.

First I will transfer the news as it is
The Egyptian intelligence managed in liberating the hijacked Egyptian ship Al Mansoura from the Somali Pirates”
The Egyptian crew is fine”
Second I think it is a sign because a part of my prayer and the prayers of the families of the crew were answered last night. Thank God and hopefully more good news will come in the way.
Third I am really amazed and surprised ,first of all it was announced in TV .
Fourth should not the Egyptian Navy liberate the ship with the help of the Egyptian intelligence , may be there will be more details revealed in the coming hours.
Fifth of course I am happy but I feel that the announcement of this news came to cover our apparent failure regarding the hostages issue in the Western desert ,whom we do not know now where they are !!
Sixth Does this have to do with the Russian order to teach the Somali pirates the lesson of their lives for missing with Ukrainian  ships loaded with Russian weapons !!
Seventh , this is so bad for the Egyptian Foreign minister because again the army and its branches prove to be reliable when needed whether inside Egypt or outside it.
Here is the statement from Nile News and I can’t believe its naive 1960s style
By the way is not the Egyptian intelligence interested in knowing the fate of Badr I ??


  1. They can put the Intelligence in order!
    Intelligence as government and army as its police!

    The Model State!

  2. @Ghafari, you mean they can put the country in order
    yes they can , they are the last resort we have


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