Monday, September 22, 2008

Breaking news : A group of tourists were kidnapped

Ok this is not the sort of breaking news I want to post but what I can do.
A group of tourists "15 according to news reports" were kidnapped in Aswan , south of Egypt today.
There are 5 Italian citizens among the Group , the Italian FM announced this morning and 2 Israeli Citizens I am sure that their government is seeking their info right
Despite the Egyptian Foreign Ministry is still checking the news , some security sources in Egypt said that those tourists may have been transferred to Sudan :(
I really feel sorry for those tourists , they are our guests and I wish that they would return back home safe
Update No.1
1- Officially Egypt announced the bad news.
2- The Egyptian Tourism minister Zoheir Garanah announced the nationalities of the tourits :
  • 5 Germans
  • 5 Italians
  • 4 Egyptians
  • 1 Romanian
3- There is no official news about the Israeli tourists.
4- The minister of tourism not the minister of interior is speaking about ransom negotiations !!??
Updates No.2
1- The gang that kidnapped the tourists group are made of 4 persons according to BBC Arabic , for sure they are armed and dangerous so they can control a group 15 tourists!!
Update No.3
1- Here is the news in English.
2-It turned out that the tourists group was on a Safari trip in the desert at Aswan near the Sudanese Borders, this is why there are fears that kidnappers would transfer them to Sudan without the knowledge of the securities !!
3-The Egyptians who are were abducted among the group are : Two tourist guides, a driver and a guard from the borders guards "Then they are so near from the Sudanese borders"
4- The group took the permission and approval from security authorities in Egypt for the Safari trip on the 16th of September.
5-The authorities do not know when exactly they were kidnapped !!!?? "where the hell is Habib Al Adly ??"
With my all respect the army should dispatch two helicopters to search for this group along with special forces team to save , it is an insult when a gang of four persons forces a state like Egypt to obey their demands !!
6- President Mubarak held an urgent Meeting in Cairo with the ministers of Defense "Tantawy,Interior "Al-Adly" and the National Security "Omar Soliman" regarding this unfortunate event
Update No.4
1- According to the Italian media ,the abductors are demanding $15 Million ransom to set the hostages free.
2- The number of the Egyptian is not four according to Al Jazeera but it is 8 !!
3- Zoheir Garanah spoke on Al Jazeera ,this is the summary for what he said:
  • The hostages are now in Sudan.
  • The Communication between the authorities and the abductors is done through the wife of the tourism company and trip organizer , already her husband is among the Egyptian hostages.She was the one who informed the authorities !!
  • The company owner calls his wife in specific time.
  • The minister did not speak about the wants of abductors , only there is a talk about ransom.
  • He denied that they were Darforian rebels.
  • We do not know nothing about the identity or the nationalities of the abductors except they are masked but surely they know the place very well !!
  • They were kidnapped from Karkur Talha region within the Sudanese borders
4- Italian Corrierre Della Sera published info about the Italian tourists :
  • They are 3 women and 2 men.
  • They are from Turin.
  • Here are their names : Lorella Paganelli, 49 years, Giovanna Quaglia, 52, Walter Barotto, 68, Mirella De Giuli, 70, and Michael Barrera, 72
  • Their ages are not young :(
  • Here is the photo of Mrs. Paganelli
  • The Romanian hostage is 30 years old
  • The 8 Egyptians : 4 drivers,2 guides,the owner of the company and a Police officers.
5- It tuned out that it is the not first time that something like this happens in the same region of Karkur Talha according to the locals who spoke to Al Jazeera , two similar incidents took place last year and they ended by giving ransoms to the abductors !! We did not know about this before why ?? Where is the security ??

Update No.5
1- No information is available about the German tourists concerning their names and ages according to the orders of the German Embassy and do not ask me , the Italians were much more clearer , first of all the families of the German hostages knew about them for long time and for surely they are so worried , the media will not make them worry more. "Der Speigel"
3-The group was abducted at the Gilf el Kebir area where the English Patient film was shot , here is the exact location from Corrierre della Sera .
2- The tourism company that organized that trip whose Egyptian Owner is currently among the hostages is "Aegyptus"
3- Here some photos from the company from Gilf el Kebir 
Update No.6 
The Foreign Minister of Egypt is saying all the hostages are free and safe!!

There is no news about whether the ransom was paid or not.
Till now the identity of the abductors despite the speculations that they can be from the tribes in the region .
Update No.7 "23/9"
1- It turned out that our FM who is currently in NY did not say that all the hostages are free and Safe !!

2- The Egyptian Press did not publish any info about the Egyptian Hostages except the info about Aegyptus company and his German wife.
3-There are unconfirmed rumours circlating in the Press that abductors are Rebels from Tachad.
4- There is a silly rumour saying that the owner of Aegyptus could be involved ,of course it is ridiclious already the man has a profitable business why would he risk it !!??
5- The interior ministry formed an emergency room following the situation from the Foreign ministry , the intelligence and the army.
6- There is unconfirmed news that Italy dispatched members in the military intelligence to follow the matter in Cairo.


  1. your reports are always conclusive and detailed. You always provide something that is not usually available in the common media sources. Where the heck you get all those detalied info. You are a news agency by yourself. I am always impressed Zeinobia. Good for you

  2. @He and she ,thank you well I am not a news agency for sure , I just take this new from other agencies and do what others are doing a little piece from here and another piece from there make better story


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