Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Diddy declares the war against McCain

Oh boy I laughed so much when I saw this , this is not helping Obama at all. Sean Combs aka Diddy vlogged about McCain and choosing Sarah Palin as VP and I wish that he did not.

Already I do not know if he took something before recording or what.Also I feel that there is a lot of disrespect to Alaska and its people.

I am not a fond for Hip Hop and I do not like Diddy still I know that Mr. Combs had legal problems in New York from couple of years including violence.

Barack Obama does not need this sort of endorsement.

Diddy should not speak about politics , he should stick to music ,parties and his dreams to become the first black James Bond , just leave politics.

BY the way Diddy reminds me here with Shabola of Egypt , when Shabola sings to Mubarak !!


  1. omg da shabola is a collage professor compared to the hot mess known as p diddy ya zee...he is the true definition of fedeeha...check out the 'diddy vblog' where he urges his saudi brothers to give him oil so he can power his jet's classic:

  2. Well Shabola is not a collage professor , compared to him , believe me, Islam Khalil , the lyricist of Shabola is the collage professor , Shabola is a hot mess just like Diddy watch him in any interview ,the same thing

    about the commercial airline , oh man his brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia should send him immediately fuel because he can't live like that like the arrest of the Americans !!
    he is really a hot mess


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