Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin and US

I spoke about Joe Biden and his foreign policies towards the Middle East that I do not like.
Us by the way is not only Egypt but it is the Arab countries in the region , you must not forget that the United States is currently an invader of an Arab country.
Sarah on contrary to Biden got no foreign policy experience , already her local experience is debatable as short. Still I believe the foreign policies are not put by the President or his vice alone there are advisors for this mission. She won’t be Dick Cheney for sure.
Palin is no and will be no different from the rest of the GOP in foreign policy, come on since her speech it was too obvious , the nuclear Iran and her son that is going to Iraq !!?? Hello !!??
You do not need to guess the answers of the questions of Scott Macleod asked in the Time Middle East Blog.
Already I was surprised to find some Jew Democrat Congressman attacking Palin and describing McCain’s Choice as insult to the Jews because in 2000 she endorsed Pat Buchanan as a President !!
The GOPs had to fire back and prove that Palin is Israel friendly, this is the most important thing people !!!
It is not about the Jews of America but Israel. The foreign policies of the President of the United States of America must include the fact that Israel is another state ,already I am surprised that Palin has not visited Israel yet, may be she will pay her respect in the coming weeks !!
Update : It turns out that Mrs. Palin is from the team that believes invading Iraq was a task from God !!

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