Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hisham Talaat Mustafa is officially arrested for Tamim’s murder

I got unconfirmed news through Twitter earlier today that the General prosecutor accused officially Hisham Talaat Mustafa of Incitement to murder of Suzan Tamim.
Then the news was confirmed according to BBC Arabic , in fact today was not only the accusation day but the arrest day of Hisham Talaat Late Tamim Mustafa himself. Here is the news from Masrawy.com too. “Both news are in Arabic
Hisham Talaat Mustafa was arrested today in Cairo.
His empire or rather his father empire Talaat Mustafa group “TMG”had an immediate board of directors meeting and his brother Tarek was appointed as the new CEO instead of his brother.
TMG stocks in the Egyptian Stock Market surely did not go up to the sky after the thrilling news , it went down 16% of its face value , already I expect that they will go down more and more tomorrow because the news was not announced as expected today. The official website of TMG is down by the way at the moment of writing down this post.
Now officially the General Prosecutor accused Hisham of incitement to murder ,he should be deported to Dubai where the Crime took place accordingly he will be sued by the same charge.The penalties for both men Mustafa and El-Sokary can reach in to execution according to the Egyptian law. I do not know the penalties in the Emirati Law ,despite I know that El-Sokary can be executed for murder of first degree. I do not know about Hisham’s penalty there. I fear that if the trial is in Egypt ,Hisham will get away from it according to the history of the NDP members in the courts Mamdouh Ismail and Hani Sorror, he is a NDP Shura member and a Policies Committee member ,which means he is close to GM,this will enforce the conspiracy theories of the Shura fire”. Another bet in Ramadan beside the SNL one , Mamdouh Ismail lawyer or Farid Dib will defend him.
Now I wish that they lift the publication ban,it is not a rumour any more targeting the honourable businessmen of Egypt.
I also want to know the reaction of Moataz Al-Kut who published long interview with Hisham from couple of weeks in a full  coloured pages in Akhabr El-Youm , where he defended himself !!
Hisham by the way turned to be married from two women , his old days wife , the mother of his children and Noura,the famous 1980s star.
The official statement of General Prosecutor includes the details of the murder according to the confession of El-Sokary, how he killed Tamim , it is strange how a person is stripped from all his human feelings for money !!
This is just the start of a big media circus. It will be the big talk of Ramadan.
The big X here is why did Mustafa want to kill her ?? If she was blackmailing him , then what would she have from files that would make him sent a hitman to kill her ??
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  1. Dont you think that it is for God to judge the guilty, and since he has not been proven guilty of this crime to keep ourselves clean from the sin of gossip and let the innocent and guilty be sorted according to justice? My pity and sorrow goes out to the families of both the murdered singer and the accused; and I hope that blogs such as these are more considerate in discussing their lives as if they were public knowledge.

  2. I read this on yahoo news. Frankly, I hope that people spend more time in 3ibadah and reading Quran and attending Taraweeh prayers instead of gossiping about the murder of a Lebanese singer.

    The story itself is just a prime example of the ugliness and evil that human beings are capable of when they forget God and become preoccupied with the dunya.

  3. susan allah yer7ama whom u called a lebanese singer was a living human soul killed by this monester,inshallah he will get what he deserve.

  4. @anonymous#1, this is not a gossip blog nor this is a gossip , discussing the news of his arrest is not a gossip , I did not say he was guilty or innocent, I am speaking about facts.

    @anonymous#2, for sure it shows the ugliness of the human soul ,for 2 million dollars El-Sokary agreed on killing Susan according to the statements of the police.It is so sad

    @anonymous#3 hopefully he will

  5. Egyptian mafia exposed!!! What a shame for her death.

  6. I'm in the USA..I'd never heard of Susan before her murder. What a shame! She was very talented. God rest her soul.

  7. I hope that he will be sentenced to be hanged. He believed that he was untouchable and can do what he wants. The Political system in Egypt allowed these kind of issues. If the singer Suzana Temim, were assassinated in Egypt never this man will be arrested. She was "Lucky" that the murder was made in Dubai and with UAE's pressure "la Vache Qui Rit and Son" were forced to "leave" this Tycoon. maybe he will be killed in Toorah to avoid that he has some secret about the "New Egyptian royal family". a Human from UK

  8. @anonymous, I do not consider this a mafia

    @American anonymous, she was not that famous too in the Arab world thanks to her personal troubles, God rest her soul

    @Egyptian anonymous in London,I assumed that you are Egyptian from the La vache qui rit , this is an original Egyptian expression no one knows except us lol
    about Hisham, we were surprised in Egypt that he was arrested , it was new , some people expect that he is going to get away in the end, what you predicted from doom fate can really happen ,still it will cause many suspicions and the family of Mustafa will not sit like this , there are too rich and can go anywhere and expose them
    I do not feel there is something missing about this murder

  9. Just want to mention that we use it a lot in Lebanon too for Emile Lahoud.... I mean the "La Vache Qui Rit" thing. If you look at his pics you will really think he is a cow... and for the anonymous who said people have to read the Quran and etc... do you mean that if people don't read the Quran are doomed to kill and rape?? You have serious issues dude... Open the windows of your mind and heart and don't be afraid to explore other religions and ideologies... Humans can carry the Quran in one hand and kill using the other hand... There are good people and bad people as simple as that. Suzan (Allah Yerhama) was swimming in dangerous waters (same as MOST EGYPTIAN singers and Belly Dancers...), She screwed the wrong guy, He killed her thinking he would get away with it... I think the Management and Security of the compound need to be tried (TOP DOWN) as well for failing to provide propper security to the inhabitants of the JBR compound..

  10. @Lebanese anonymous , I did not know that you use this expression too , well but for record we were the first since 1970s , it is somehow old
    about Susan , what dear anonymous wanted to say that we should respect the holy Month of Ramadan , we should read the Holy Quran instead of gossip ,he or she did not say anything wrong and did not say in any way or another what you are saying
    already I do not know what brought religion and NATIONALITY in to topic
    Suzanne made her own choices and paid the price regardless of who she was and what she was doing

  11. In a country where the media is (as it is in MANY countries, I acknowledge) both unreliable and completely controlled by the government, I think it is a disgusting display of ignorance that so many have pronounced guilt on a man for something as serious as murder based on the information they have been given by their television sets, their newspapers, or idle gossip.

    While bloggers who clearly have too much free time sit here on the web and "decide" the life and death of others, the rest of the world is reading about the jailing of editors in Egypt because they chose to tell the truth against orders to lie or cover up criticism.

    Given the proof that media can't be trusted anywhere and especially in Egypt, how can you trust the information you are using to condemn Hisham Talaat Mustafa? And if it is established that the information is at best unreliable, how can you feel good about so casually talking about a man being given the death penalty?

    Do not forget that this man isn't just a name you have heard before, a company whose signs you see, or a scandal in the news... but he is a real person who plays the roll of son, father, brother, and friend. If you have any grasp of reality or right and wrong, I think we should ALL hold our tongues, pray for the families effected AND the guilty and innocent alike without pretending to know for ourselves who deserves judgement.

  12. @anonymous,first of all here is blog who stood and is standing with Ibrahim Eissa since last year along with other
    about the information leak will for sure the press and the media was wrong not to condemn a person where as his trial did not start but for the record there are newspapers that consider him an innocent man
    now about the part regarding his role as a father,son and a husband
    With my all respect and here I am speaking about the murder crime, but I am speaking about his relation with Suzanne
    why did not he respect his role as a father,a son and as a husband when he got involved with that Woman spending millions on her ??
    we should speak about this because it will teach rich men a good lesson to be thankful for what they got !!

  13. First you say that you are merely stating the facts and you are not "gossiping" but then you clearly take a subjective side and imply he is guilty by writing "anonymous#3 hopefully he will" and agreeing with "anonymous#3" that this "monster" will get what he deserves. Not only is that very contradictory, but it also perpetuates rumors. If you would like to point out that he is CHARGED, that is fine. But to "hope" that this "monster" who "killed" (and not allegedly killed) gets what he deserve IS TO GOSSIP.

    Until the decision is final, you should refrain from making such comments. Hisham is a very respectable man who has done a lot for his country and for it's people. It's a shame to see people forgetting about all the good behind this family name and getting caught up in the "latest scandal." People just want to blame the rich for everything that is wrong with society. Hisham is a good man, even though I am sure this gossip fascinates you, please keep in mind that you are hurting him and his family, a family that has done so much for people who obviously don't appreciate anything.

  14. God knows the truth. In egypt, nobody can tell the truth from fiction except few ppl. may be it's a play to hide other issues.

  15. @anonymous, what do you think now of him and he was found guilty and is facing death penalty ??

    @anonymous#2 , I believe that Hisham may have killed her not for passion for other reasons to hide those issue , this is what I believe , it can't be for love only

  16. can i say something! i know it's late but i still wanna comment...they all deserved what happened!...kol wa7ed lazem yakhod 3ekabo...that's the normal end of playing with fire.....GOD bless us....


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