Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The door is broken

Sarah Palin is paying the price of the dirty game McCain and the GOP were playing with Obama and his African Islamic roots. It is not about her experience anymore , but her personal life. Experience is not an issue after all Obama wants to be a President where as he is always accusing of being inexperienced and that was among the reasons he chose Joe Biden.

Sarah is under huge fire now for her personal life. First there was a rumour that she did not give birth to her son Trig ,in fact he were her daughter Bristol’s son , yes just like in Desperate Housewives when Bree pretended to be pregnant. This rumour made headlines yesterday across the Internet from news Websites “mostly Democrats” to Gossip Websites !! It originated from the Daily Kos by the way.

Then today the big surprise came when Sarah announced that Bristol is 5 months pregnant !! Yes ,she is ,the daughter of the conservative governor is pregnant from her boyfriend out of the wedlock still she is keeping baby and she will marry her groom soon. McCain knew this before the announcement still he insisted on Sarah. To be honest in 42025355 Dayton conference I noticed Bristol body is fat in strange way not to mention how she hold Trig and covered her body with him.

We got a proverb in Egypt that says that the carpenter’s door is broken , this proverb works fine with the GOPs whose siblings turn against their believes not to mention the GOPs themselves.

It is not the first time the GOPs face something like this that could affect on their popularity among the conservative base , you got Dick Cheney and his lesbian daughter Mary as the best example. The GOPs will find a way to get from this .

Sarah and the GOP can use this to their sake ,first they announced the news to answer back the rumours about Trig’s real mother and second I think the language used in the official statement is sent to both conservative families “No abortion and the girl will be married” and the normal average American families “We are not going to kill her nor we are ashamed of her on the contrary, we are not that conservative”

By the way Sarah is receiving a lot of back up ,Laura Bush is supporting her , you know I am waiting for Laura’s hubby to say something stupid as usual about Sarah !!

I am afraid all that attack can bring a reversal result , some people will feel sympathy with her as a woman , she is not like Hilary , Hilary was hated by many and people got sick of her but Sarah is young and simple who fought the GOPs in her state for Change, the same change the democrats are calling for.

Another thing ,since day one my mom and my aunt noticed the huge resemblance between GOP Sarah Palin and Democrat Liz Lemon !!


I will not have to bet that Tina Fey will portray Palin in Saturday night Live soon !!

I thought of sharing info about Bristol's boyfriend ,his name is Levi Johnston , he is 17 years old and is your average Myspace redneck who will marry the daughter of probably the next president of the United States , I have the feeling that this kid hates that the fact that Mrs. Palin will the Vice of McCain because now he will have to marry Bristol !!

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