Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fight over the Nile

It seems that there is a fight between Uganda and  Tanzania because of us , because of Egypt , it seems that Mubarak in his last African visit did something else then supporting Al-Bashir.It is said that he signed an agreement with Uganda that would let Egypt get more water but according to Tanzania it will affect the ecosystem !!
Uganda and Egypt did not confirm nor deny , still we need to know what is going on as Egyptians , this is a part of our national security.
I do not like to lose any of my neighbour countries on the Nile because of this , it is important to have both Uganda and Tanzania in our side , we can find a solution that suits all parties. Also it is important that we do not play around the ecosystem because in the end we will pay the price.
I am saying this because Israel does not play around in this particular area and it is well known fact.

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