Saturday, September 6, 2008

The grandson of Ihsan Abd El-Koddous was arrested at the RNC

Just like his grandfather and his uncle Ahmed Sharif Abd El-Koddous was arrested along with Amy Goodman and others while protesting at the RNC.

I never knew that the grandson of famous novelist and journalist Ihsan Abd El-Koddous is living in the States and currently working as a producer in Democracy Now.

It runs in the family for sure ,his grand dad and uncle are long time sharif political activists seeking democracy and freedom of Egypt despite their different views ,Ihsan was a liberal where as Mohamed Abd El-Koddous is a MB member.

Mohamed is from the Kafya founders ,he turned the stairs of the Journalists syndication in to Egypt’s Hyde Park. He writes a small daily column in El-Dostor.

Ahmed’s grand father Ihsan was from Egypt’s top novelists in the 20 century ,in 1960s he was more famous than Naguib Mahfouz ,already his novels were so controversial.One post is not enough for him at all. For me Ihsan did not receive the credit he deserves internationally.

About politics ,well Ihsan was of the most important patriotic journalists Egypt would know , he was neutral devoted to Egypt.again one post is not enough to describe his honourable history in politics since the monarchy.

Ahmed’s father did not inherit his dad political personality like his brother , still he is fighting for his dad’s copyrights.

Seriously it runs in the family.

His grandfather used to go in protests against the British forces,his uncle till now is arrested and kidnapped even before the protests and now this young man in another country in another continent keep this family tradition alive.

BY the way here is the vide clip showing the arrest of Amy Goodman,man the anti-riot forces are always nasty look how they are treating this woman with no respect to her age

Sharif was released along with Amy and others hours later. Listen to his interview here after his release.

Update : Thanks to my dear Hazem who reminded of something important , Sharif is not only the grandson of Ihsan Abd El-Koddous ,but also his great grandmother was the famous and legendary Fatimah Youssef aka Rosa Al Youssef , who also needs seperate posts to chronicle her important in Egypt in the first half of the 20th Century.This woman who came from Lebanon alone became an icon in the history of feminism,culture,politics and jounralism. Just to know a little bit about her history ,I recommend you to read this post @Hatshepsut


  1. Zeinab you forgot his great grandmother Rose AlYousef. She was actress, journalist, and political activist. Here is a link about her.

  2. oh boy thanks Hazem for reminding ,how can I forget Rosa, I am sorry for this terrible mistake :)

  3. The video is no longer available on youtube so if you have it saved please publish the link. Yes, genetics play a very important role in the Kodous family as evidenced by all their actions and patriotism runs very high in their blood. Ihsan was a friend of my father's & they were part of the anti British youth movement of their day...God bless and rest all.


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