Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tragedy in Doweiqa ,they need your prayers

Ok forget about Ramadan hit TV soap opera of Hisham and Susan , this is much more important and much more sadder.
Today Egypt woke up on a catastrophic disaster that could have avoided if there had been a proactive regime that put the safety of its citizens regardless of their social status in its top priority.
According to news coverage over the hour about 17 persons were killed by a rockslide in Doweiqa shanty town at Manshiyat Nasser ,east of central Cairo. The rockslide source is the famous Mokattam Hill.
Massive boulders according to the shocking footage Al Jazeera that has just aired few minutes ago destroyed complete buildings.
The official news channel ,Nile news is saying that 17 persons were killed, 40 were transferred to the hospitals and 30 houses were damaged. Al Jazeera is speaking about no less than 500 persons are currently trapped under the wreckage and some of them are alive and called for help through their mobile phones. The people are trying to remove the rubbles by their hands and I think it is impossible,The army arrived and is arriving to the scene ,already it will be very difficult to bring bulldozers to the area , the streets are too narrow.
The people there complained several times and the government did not listen, this happened before in the garbage city in 1990s and no body gave a damn. The geologists are all agreed said that this area not to be inhabitant , the Mokattam Hill is from Limestone , Limestone according to scientists does not stand water , the sanitation form Mokattam City over the hill is built in a wrong way affecting the geology of the hill.
The people there spoke thousand times about this , about the water leak and its effect on the hill, no gave them attention.
By the way there is some project called Susan Mubarak residential project where they built 5000 units to transfer the Doweiqa town people to , till now no one transferred anybody and the as you can use this is the result .
I am too angry and I know we are in Ramadan ,the prayers of those families trapped under those boulders will be like curses following those who did not give a damn about them.
Here is a very sad report from Reuters and Yahoo! News
Here is a photo from Al Jazeera,
I am so sad.
Wait for more updates :(
Update No.1 :
  • It is 1:12 PM now and there is no news that someone was saved , this is bad.
  • The size of the boulders are between 60-70s tons
  • About 50 houses were destroyed taking in to consideration that they are built by very poor materials,the reports are speaking about 100 houses :(
  • Here is the BBC Arabic report with photos and footage from the location.
  • Here is a video from Al Jazeera

Update No.2
  • 3 living survivors were able to be saved and currently transferred to the hospital according Nile News
  • There is a slide show from Yahoo! News "thanks Mohamed"
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  1. You are ze bestest blogger
    Pless u

  2. الصور لسه نازلة من شوية في الياهو نيوز

    محمد ابو عليان

  3. @anonymous, thanks dear

    @Mohamed , thank you so much شكرا جزيلا

  4. حسين عبد الغني يقول ان السكان كان من المفترض ان ينتقلوا الى مساكن جديدة باسم سوزان مبارك ولكن المسئولين منعوا السكان من الانتقال الا بعد دفع مبلغ مالية كبيرة لاقبل لهم بها فضلا عن وجود فساد ومحسوبية في توزيع الشقق

    محمد ابو عليان

  5. please ya gam3a, i read that Hannibal dissolved similar rocks using vinegar (acetic acid) , if anyone is near or can be near the location the Hannibal procedure was as the following:
    1. Heat rock surface to reach red (can be done easily at the disaster location using oxi-acetylene flame).
    2. pour vinegar or acetic acid (5 to 8%) on the red hot rocks the rocks will start dissolving , we can make boors in the rocks and heat inside then pour the liquid. Please we have to use our minds , because this government has no mind

    This is our responsibility , i am 4000 Km away from Cairo, please help your people

    Waleed Zedan

  6. @Mohamed ايوه الناس بيقول الحق البيوت دى كان مفروض تتوزع عليهم المنطقة خطر لكن تقول ايه فى الفساد و المحسوبية
    البركة ف الحكومة

    @Waleed , it is our responsibility , I wish someone would read this and use this technique in saving those trapped people


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