Friday, September 5, 2008

The last interview for Hisham Talaat Mustafa on TV

This was the last interview for Hisham Talaat Mustafa on TV. It was aired  at night on the same day of his arrest last Tuesday ,already Amr Adeeb did not know that he was going to be arrest on that day.It was a big surprise for him.

The interview was recorded on Thursday,29th of August 2008 in the Rehab City that is owned by TMG.It was a clear thing that the interview was a PR thing to defend and clear the image of Hisham,showing his important contribution to the Egyptian economy and as a religious man. Of course Adeeb justified that there was a publication ban about the case.

And this I think was a problem to Adeeb because he aired the promos of the interview and then on the same day of the show time the man got arrest in the morning.

Adeeb said that Hisham was not arrested on Sunday because he spoke with him on that day on the Phone.

Here it is ,I thought it is worth to be watched.


  1. If this tycoon is treated by the prosecution in the same way as ordinary Egytians, you will have a complete confession by now. Money and political power talks rather fluently, especially in matters of sex and crime.

  2. Thank you very much. Without you I won't ever have the chance to see that interview from San Diego. Guess what? we depend 80% on U Tube to watch what is going on in the mother land. not all the Arab Channels reach every spot in the worls the way U Tube does. Than you again
    Safwat- San Diego

  3. @anonymous,well for sure he is not treated like the rest of the Egyptians and till now according to the newspapers he is denying that he has to do anything with her

    @Safwat, it is good to see again , Ramadan Karim ,you welcome do not mention it :)

  4. Z...a few things...I watched this interview in its entirety...because I was curious about this man and this Rehab city. Nice place but so far but it looks so sterile...give me Garden City, Zamalek, Mohandeseen any day. North American concept of self-contained suburb/compound.

    Re: that annoying reporter...could this man be a greater spokesperson 4 the regime...give me a break...and the slogan "No 1 is above the law"...tell that 2 the families of the victims of the ferry that sunk. He's not very accurate with his words and he certainly has a high opinion of himself.

    Re: Hesham Talaat Mustafa...handsome, intelligent, smooth talking man. And yet, he is in this quandary because of lust as you say. There is more to this story. For a man like this, women are probably disposable. He has multiple wives probably. There are other singers or actresses he could have pursued. A married woman who did not have such a successful career (she isn't Haifa, Nancy or even that loser Marwa) definitely isn't worth throwing your entire career away for. But then, the rich and the powerful always think they can get away with anything. Look at OJ Simpson and that is in the USA.

    Still there has to be more to this story than has been written. Motive is not clear. A jealous spurned lover? So what if she left him. Other women that are sexier, more talented and more famous to take her place.
    I wonder if the truth will ever come out. I wonder if he is guilty. I wonder if he will be convicted. I wonder if someone will come to his rescue.

    In this world, there is very little justice.

  5. To N. American Princess et al;

    Crimes of passion (love, hate , jealousy, possession etc) doesn't obey logic or common sense. One third of women who are victims of violent crimes are murdered by men who were involved with. Most of these men could have found another woman, or bought airline ticket to flee some where. Passion paralyzed them and their only vent was the murder.

    Another element in this case is the sense of invincibility. Hisham Talat Moustafa (probably a killer) talks calmly about providing the life-line for tens of thousands of families. Is he handsome?! Give me a break!

    Justice doesn't come natural. Yet, we should strive to bring it in this world instead of resigning and passing the buck to the mighty one

  6. @N.American about the host ,well Amr is a big regime speaker along with his brother and his wife too , his wife presents a show on the National TV and Gamal Mubarak is a constant guest :(
    about Mustafa from a side you are right ,the motive is not that strong , so what he can get any other woman and this what makes people think that there is another motive because how possibly a man like him ,in his intelligence acts like
    but from another side ,just like anonymous , crimes of passion may not be justified , may be HIsham was passing by the middle age crisis that made him blind from seeing reason
    just like anonymous Hisham may think that he would get away of this because of his status .it is really a living soap opera
    @anonymous, I agree with you


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