Friday, September 5, 2008

They met ….in the other world !!??

First of all Here is more info about the family of Talaat Mustafa,it was published yesterday in Al Messa newspaper.It can be a second part to this short bio.

Talaat Mustafa ,Hisham’s father left Monufia in 1950s and lived in Alexandria. Talaat was a successful engineer and worked as a contractor there till year 1958 ,then he moved to Kuwait and worked as a contractor there for 12 years. After that he returned back to Egypt where he began to build his empire.. All people agree that Hisham was the mastermind and the man who made TMG group an empire.

According to Al Messa Newspaper and its reporters that visited village of Hisham’s family ,his mother died in 1984.

Now today Mr. Ahmed Mossa , the crime editor in Al Ahram and TV host said that Hisham wanted to marry Susan and that he made her met his mother during the Omra in the Holy Land when he invited her family there so the two families could meet together.

Now according to Al Messa , his mom died in 1984 and according Al Ahram his mom met Susan and did not approve her last year. So how they could have met , well may be they met now in the other world.

Already FYI the wife of Hisham is his cousin , so even if Hisham’s mom were alive how could she approve Susan as daughter in law !!!??

This is something common in the press in this incident.Each newspaper is saying something different in from the other one that you do not know where the truth is from fiction.

I will dare and say from the past experience with Mr. Ahmed Moussa that he is not telling the truth ,come on the examples are too many to be mentioned or even remembered.

BY the way the news reached to the CNN !!??


  1. CNN and fox news. Check it out.,2933,417301,00.html

  2. wow even Fox is speaking about the matter both Tamim and Mustafa became internationally famous in a way they could not imagine it !!


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