Sunday, September 7, 2008

I swear to God that it is a hoax

I can’t believe that even October weekly magazine believes that they are  real stuff !!?? The disaster is that the journalist mentioned that the Genpets were shown in different exhibitions around the world and that they were designed by Adam Brandejs !! Still for her he designed a real bioengineered pet !!

How many times we will say that it is a hoax !!??

For the second time here it is in the hoax museum.

Also please read the explanation of Brandejs about his work.


  1. i think they are real...
    just kidding, still why are so worked up over them?
    they are not the only hoax surfing around
    here is the explanation at wiki:

  2. @Vile, I wish those Journalists read this page and stop spreading those rumors , the problem is this they are speaking about them as real stuff , these articles and reports are sent in forward letters and copy/pasted in the forum , spreading ignorance


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